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Biz Of Games is a website dedicated in helping people build and grow their online Minecraft business in Asia. We have spent many years in the gaming industry, more specifically, The Minecraft World. Our main goal is to educate our readers about the most effective tips, tricks, and products that you can use in order to make sure that your Minecraft Business grows into a super-strong entity.

Our team of dedicated researchers are always on the look out for the latest and most effective Minecraft hosting, tools and resources on the market today. With that in mind, we guarantee you that you will receive the most accurate information about these products from us directly. We hope that you enjoy and support our website!

Our Team

Tomas Tang (Owner)

Hey guys, I’m Tommy and I am a Minecraft nut! Ever since I was a little kid, my dad introduced me to the world of gaming via our very first IBM PS2, I was hooked.

Since then I realized that not only is gaming fun and enjoyable experience, but there is some serious business knowledge that is needed to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

When I opened my first Minecraft business in College I thought I was set for greatness, but soon learned that all the excitement in the world wasn't going to prepare me for the requirements of running a service business for Minecraft users. That was a tough lesson.

After studying different server hosting companies, testing them out and finding so many issues I was stumped until a friend of mine introduced me to Hostinger and Apex hosting.

I was blown away, that companies offering such cheap hosting were able to offer such great services, I had to find more...

As I write this now, I feel confident in my ability to choose the best hosting for you and your endeavor, no matter your level of experience or budget, and I'm 100% confident you will find what you are looking for here at Biz Of Games.

Email Tommy at: [email protected]

Orla Winn (Content Manager)

Hi, my name is Orla and the same as Tommy, I also grew up in gaming and started my first MC business in my early 20’s, helping girl gamers make the most of the growing movement of us online. But it wasn't easy, and guys use to think we didn't know what we were talking about.

What's more irritating is when clients didn't take us seriously because we were girls talking about the business of gaming. I'm sure if there are any gamer girls out there reading this, you know how I feel.

But that made me even more determined to be the best at what I was doing, and provide the best content that I could relate to growing a Minecraft Business. And that is why I am the content manager here at Biz Of games, because you never tell me I can't do what I love, and I'm here to help you guys discover the amazing business of MC.

Email Orla at: [email protected]

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I'm Tommy, Boss of Biz Of Games Asia, a Minecraft Information Resources For MC Gamers in Asia and beyond. Our goal is to help you start and grow your online Minecraft business by providing the best information and data helping you make better decisions for your gaming business in Asia