In this short article, we will be looking at How To Rollback A Minecraft Server With WorldEdit. For what purpose is it used in the Minecraft server. How does worldedit help the Minecraft server? We will be also looking at if we can or cannot rollback our Minecraft server with Worldedit.

What Is World Edit

Worldedit in Minecraft is one of the most used plugins. It is the plugins that are used and helps in building things in Minecraft much faster and with more precision. Worldedit is available as both Mod and plugin.


World edit is one of the most used plugins in Minecraft servers. It is mostly used by builders to assist in building things. It can be used to create large buildings with the help of some commands and save a lot of time. It has many commands that can be used to make building work a lot easier.

How Does WorldEdit Work

Worldedit can be used to help us in Building works in Minecraft servers. It has a lot of cool commands which can be used to save a lot of time.

Using worldedit you can create a ¼ of a circular building and using some simple commands can convert it into a circular building. It can also be used to create a small area and stack them to create a big wall just by repeating the same building format created.

While working as a builder in Minecraft, sometimes when we build something and later recognize it should not be here.

And then shifting it to some other place is almost impossible as you have to remove all that manually and recreate it in another place. These builds can’t be duped or copied to any other place too.

How To Rollback A Minecraft Server With WorldEdit

But that is not the case with the users of worldedit. Worldedit provides you with the command such as copy, cut, paste which can be used to transfer any build from any place to any other place. It can also help us in making copies of the same building and pasting it in other required places.

These were some of how the worldedit makes everything easier and simple.

Can We Rollback A Server With World Edit

Now a question arrives here is besides many uses of worldedit, is it possible to rollback a server with world edit. Let’s have a look at how can be worldedit help us in rollbacking a server if possible.

World edit also has a very useful feature known as Schematics. Schematics are the build models that can be copied and saved as a clipboard in the server files.

Which can be used later at any time whenever needed. Schematics can also be used as a median to transfer any build from one server to another. All you need is to copy the build using the //copy command and then save the file as Schematic by //schem save <name>.

This saved schematic is saved as a file in your server files which can be copied and pasted like other files to any other server.

This saved file can be pasted anytime later. To paste it firstly you have to load it by //schem load <name>.

Once it is loaded it is now moved to your clipboard and now you can use the //paste command to paste it anywhere you want.

Minecraft World Edit Schematic

This is how you can save your important build files to your server and use them whenever you want.

How To Undo Your Builds Using World Edit

World edit cannot be used to rollback a Minecraft server on a larger scale. When creating a build using worldedit, sometimes a user runs a wrong command which messes up the build and can’t be removed or undone manually. Such things can be rollbacked by worldedit.  

To undo a  command you have used previously, the command available is //undo. This command can be used to undo your last action. You can undo your last actions done with world edit using this command. If you undo the action that was not to be removed, you can get it back by //redo.

These were the basic rollbacks that can be done by worldedit.

How Do ­­­­­We Rollback A Minecraft Server

Rolling back in the Minecraft server is one of the most necessary things. Sometimes your server gets attached by some abusers or scammer and ruins some important builds that are needed to be rollbacked, but it can’t be done by worldedit if there is no schematic file created.

You need not be worried about it anymore. You can now do this easily with the help of a plugin. The plugin available for rollback is known as CoreProtect. Coreprotect is one of the most used plugins for a rollback in your server.

Once you have downloaded and installed this simple plugin to your Minecraft server, it will start recording all the actions that are happening in your Minecraft server and keeps a record of all things happening.


How Does CoreProtect Work

This needs nothing to be done manually. It does everything by itself. It keeps the record of any block placed manually or using the world edit or any other command and any block removed. It saves all the details with time, coordinates, and the name of the player that interacted with the particular block.

Minecrat Coreportect Core Inspection Tool PLugin

Other than keeping the record of the blocks, it also keeps the record of all chats, deaths, commands,and a lot more things.

Block tracked can be used anytime later to check any interaction with the block interacted, whether it is a door, Piston, or any other type of block. All you need is to use a simple command.

/co i              or        /Coreprotect inspect        

Minecraft Core Portect Core Inspection Finder

This is used to inspect a particular block or any action taken.

How To Rollback With CoreProtect

Rolling back with Coreprotect is not a difficult task. All you need is to run a simple command and the plugin will do the rest of the work.

/co rollback t:<time> r:<radius in blocks> u:<user name> a:<action>
E.g. /co rollback t:10m r:40 u:Einstine a:-block

t: is the time you want to rollback. E.g. You want to roll back the build to how it looked 10 minutes ago so you will type t:10m

r: is the radius or the area you want to rollback. It will make a radius of whatever you write taking your position as a center of it. E.g. You want to roll back the area of radius 40 blocks from your position so you need to type r:40

u: is used for username. want to rollback only that area that was affected by a particular user named Einstine, so you will type u: Einstine

a: is the action that you want to rollback. E.g. You want to rollback only the removed block and want other blocks not to be affected by the rollback you can do this by a:-block (-block means removal of the block, +block mean the addition of blocks)

Minecraft Coreprotect Rollback Tool

This command can be used to rollback the area you are in whatever way, time, of any radius, by any user you want it to be.

How To Rollback A Minecraft Server With WorldEdit CONCLUSION:

Worldedit is one of the commonly used plugins in Minecraft. It is mostly used by builders in Minecraft to help them in their work. This lets them do larger tasks easily and fast. With the help of simple commands, It can let you create large buildings. It can also help you transfer builds across the servers.

Coreprotect is one of the most used plugins for a rollback in Minecraft. It can be used to keep a record of all activities of your server and can be used to rollback a particular area affected by a particular player with the help of some commands.

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