You are ready to get started, you have decided that a Minecraft hosting business is right for you, but that sinking question hits so many people, not just you... much ram per player Minecraft server questions are asked each and every single day.

And that’s what we will look at today.

How Much RAM Per Player Minecraft Server

One of the things to note about the RAM you need for each player for your Minecraft server is that the more players you have the more RAM you need.

This is due to the fact that more people cause more issues, have more saves, more Modpack installs, and really just the amount of RAM needed increases.

An example of this would be:

How Much RAM Per Player Minecraft Server Breakdown

To start any Minecraft server, you should really look at around 2GB of RAM allocation.

But, let’s say that you have 5 friends that you want to play on your Minecraft server, even though you could get by with 2GB of RAM, the smarter option would be to take a higher RAM level at 3GB, just to enable you to have a smoother experience for all players.

Because remember, How Much RAM Per Player Minecraft Server allowances are different per RAM allocation.

And let’s imagine you had 10 players, based on our calculation above, of 2GB to 4GB for 5 players, leaning towards 4GB for ease of game-playing, you would think that 8GB would be ok for 10 players.

From past experience, and asking clients and friends who run servers, they would always choose a 10GB package for 10 players, to just allow for any anomalies that may happen, as when bad things happen, they normally do.

How much RAM should a Minecraft server have?

How much RAM a server should have is all dependent on how many players you have, how many mods/plugins you have installed, and how much you save games etc. Apex hosting is a really good hosting company that helps you with the RAM allocation very well, you can check out the review of them here in the Singapore Minecraft Server hosting overview.

Apex Hosting do a great RAM breakdown for their Minecraft server hosting

How many Minecraft Players On 1GB?

A good guide for Minecraft would be to have Up to 5 players on GB. But, and this is a big but, that would only be with plain old Vanilla Mine craft, and no mods or plugins.

2GB Minecraft Server Hosting

With 2GB of RAM for Minecraft server hosting, you can play up to 10 players, but again, you don’t have many mod/plugin addition options, limiting your usage up to 10 modpacks.

3GB RAM Minecraft Server

A 3GB of RAM Minecraft hosting server can allow you to play up to 15 players at one time, and up to 25 plugins/mods. But remember, all of these allowances are when you aren’t killing your memory with saved games and other memory intense elements.

4GB RAM for Minecraft

With 4GB of RAM for Minecraft, you can play supposedly up to 25 players, but again, this is when you keep your memory requirements low. You can also use up to 40 mod packs/plugins on this type of server.

Minecraft 5GB Server

A Minecraft 5GB server can allow you to play up to 30 people and have 45 or so mod packs or plugins.

6GB Server for Minecraft

A 6GB Minecraft server will allow you to play up to 40 players, with up to 50 mods/plugins.

8GB Minecraft Server

And for 8GB you will be able to get up to 90 players, and have 50+ plugins,

For anything else, like 10GB and 15GB you can play over 150 players and have all the mod packs you need.


Is 1GB RAM enough for Minecraft?

Is 1GB RAM enough for Minecraft game-playing, well, that all depends on you and your requirements, and how many people you have playing on your server?

I would not really play my MC on 1GB especially if I was looking to play with any modpacks or anything memory heavy.

How much RAM do I need for 20 players in Minecraft?

A good amount of RAM for 20 players would be 4GB to 6GB of RAM for playing Minecraft with that amount of players.

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