Today we will be looking at what is the DDoS attack. We will also be looking at the effects of the DDoS attacks on Minecraft servers and How To Prevent Your Minecraft Server From DDoS Attacks. What can happen to your Minecraft server if you do not have any DDoS prevention.

What Is DDoS Attack

DDoS attack or distributed denial-of-service attack is a cyberattack that can be done to any online service making it shut down and stop working. When any server or site is attacked by a DDoS attack, it receives too many requests, packets per second that it can’t process all breaking the connection from other devices connected across the internet.

How To Prevent Your Minecraft Server From DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks as are cyberattacks and hence considered illegal. But many people use these attacks to shut down various servers and sites.

What is DDoS In Minecraft

In Minecraft, the DDoS attack is similar to what it is with other services all across the internet. In Minecraft, when an online server is attacked by a botnet that sends a lot of packets to the server it increases the RAM usage to a point that it reaches its limit. When the RAM usage increases the server crashes, forcing the server to shut down and hence breaking the connection with the other users.

By Botnets

In such DDoS attacks, the attacker target a particular server and target the botnet (the network of bots that consist of multiple devices that can direct to specific IP) to a specific server. It sends too many requests, packets that the RAM usage starts increasing.

Minecraft Server crash DDoS  Attack

By Redstone Machines

Such attacks can also be done in Minecraft by Redstone machines. In Minecraft, Redstone machines use a lot more RAM as compared to other normal blocks. And so making large Redstone machines can increase the RAM usage and hence lag the server. Redstone machines when operated send a Redstone signal/packet which consumes the RAM. Small Redstone machines send a small number of packets/signals which does not cause a big issue to the server. But when the Redstone machine has a lot of Materials ( such as pistons, armor stands) and has a big Redstone clock operating can send a lot of ticks per second to the server which can crash the server.

Minecraft server crash by Redstone machine

What Are Effects Of DDoS Attacks On Your Server

DDoS attacks on a server can have many negative effects on a server. When a server is attacked by a DDoS attacker, it crashes the server. This means that the server shuts down and hence no one will be able to connect to your server. This can make a negative view of your server and can affect its growth and popularity.

DDoS attacks send a lot of packets to the server which increases RAM usage. This makes a server not consume RAM to run the server and can also make a server lose its important data. Which can also include the server files.

How To Prevent Server From DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks can cause many issues to a server which also include wiping of the server’s important files. And so, everyone would try to remain safe and far from such attacks.

As discussed above, these attacks can occur when a botnet tries to target your server’s IP and send a lot of requests that the server’s RAM can’t overcome its usage limit and make the server crash.

These attacks can be prevented by adding a median/shield between your server and anyone who tries to join, so they have to pass from that median and then join the server.

Using TCP

One of the main used preventers is Tcpshield. It is very easy to use. All you need is a domain and your server IP. Putting the Server IP to Tcpsheild gives a new domain/IP which can be entered into your domain DNS manager. Now the Tcpsheild doesn’t allow any user that directly tried to connect the server using the IP, but only allows to connect using the Domain used. Tcpsheild plugin can be added to the server which also lets the user keep the record of the server including the number of players in the server and its RAM usage etc.

Minecraft server DDoS Prevention

Using Plugins

Another way It can be prevented by is adding an authenticator plugin to your server. This only lets the user enter the server once the user registers and logins using his password. An AntiBot plugin can also be added to the server which is similar to what you see on the sites, where you have to select the said item to continue using the server.

Minecraft Anti-Bot Plugin

Making regular backups of the server is also important, as many attackers are always trying and finding new ways to attack a server and corrupt its files. While having a backup can help you restore the important server files and get the server running back without losing any of its important data.

Prevention against Redstone

Redstone is also one of the ways that can be used to crash the Minecraft server. Hence preventing the server from Redstone clocks is also an important task. There are many Anti-Redstone plugins that can be used to limit the Redstone usage per chunk in Minecraft. Chunk in Minecraft is an area of 16x16 blocks. Limiting the usage of Redstone accessories placement per chunk and the number of ticks( Redstone Clock generates the tick per second, according to the speed they are running in) per block, can also reduce the chances of server crashing using the Redstone clocks.

By Online Hosts

Many online hosting sites provide Minecraft server hosts. Most of the hosts include DDoS protection with their packages. That means they can help the server protect themselves without you needing to worry about it. They act as a median between the server and anyone connecting to your server preventing it from bot attacks.

Some of the Online Hosts That Provide Quality Minecraft Server Hosting Are:

CONCLUSION on How To Prevent Your Minecraft Server From DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are cyber-attacks that are done to the server to destroy it and make it lose the data or corrupt it. Such attacks can cause serious issues to the server and its reputation and popularity.

Hence avoiding such attacks is the best option and the only possible way to do so is by preventing/protecting your server from it. Many ways can be used to prevent the server from such attacks and hence keep the server running as it always was.

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