In this short article, we will be looking at What Is The IP Address For A Minecraft Server And How To Find It, but also why are they important.

What Is The IP Address

IP Address also known as Internet Protocol is a unique address that can be used to identify any network around the globe. The IP address can also be used to know the location of the server or the network it is present.

Therefore, every network has its own distinct IP Address and that can not repeat for two different Networks.

Multiple people having different IP addresses can be directed to one IP Address to access the data on that IP. The IP Address is a combination of different numbers such as 111.234.555.67. Where each number in a set can vary from 0 to 255. There are about 4.2 Billion Possible IP Addresses.

What Is the IP Address Of the Minecraft Server

IP Address in the Minecraft server is the same as the IP Address used in all other services across the internet. The IP Address of any Minecraft server is also called its identity.

All Minecraft servers have their Server IP Address which can never be the same, as having the same IP for the different servers is impossible.

To connect to any Minecraft server, one has to be connected to its IP Address. That means we need to be directed to the IP of the server to play the game. The IP Address of the Minecraft server can look the same as the IP Address of other networks such as

What Is The IP Address For A Minecraft Server And How To Find It

How To Find The IP Address Of Minecraft Servers

The first step before knowing how to find the IP Address for your server, one must have his server or the server to have the console access. If you do not have any server and are looking to get one you can have a look at the following articles which might help you make the best server you want.

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Now that you have your Minecraft server and know what the IP Addresses are and what are they used for. Let’s find out how do we know what the IP Address of our Minecraft server is and what are the ways to find it. It can be different depending on where it is hosted.

How To Find The IP Address of Locally Hosted Minecraft Server

Locally Hosted Minecraft Servers or Self-Hosted Minecraft servers are the Minecraft server that is hosted from your localhost or your device. These servers can be used within your IP Address or your network and can not be used elsewhere directly. But some ways can be used to redirect other users to your server indirectly and this way is known as port forwarding. Our main concern here is not how to direct them so you can know about it here. Now let’s see how do we find the IP Address to our server.

Firstly, open the command by pressing Win+R keys, and after the Run, the window is open type cmd and press enter.
This will open the command prompt.
Now Type Ipconfig or ipconfig/all in the command prompt.

How To Find The IP Address of Locally Hosted Minecraft Server

This window will appear and you can get your IPv4 and IPv6 address of the network you are connected to that can be used to connect to the server here.

This is how you can get the IP Address of your locally hosted server which you can later use to redirect others to your server.

How To Find The IP Address of Online Hosted Servers

As Online Hosted servers are paid and hence they provide the users with the best ease they can. They are the best options one can use to manage the server easily without any problem. As they make things simpler for the user they also have the answer to the problem being faced to find the IP Address of your server.

They have the menu built with a user interface allowing the user to access the main features of the server from there and also give the IP address of the Minecraft server with them so you do not need to struggle to find them.

You can read about some of the most famous server hostings that host Minecraft servers and choose the best one for you:

Some of the Online Hosts That Provide Minecraft Server Hosting Are:

Custom Server IP Address

As you now know that the server IP Addresses are in the form of numbers and that doesn’t look good for the big servers, of course, is easy to remember them all the time.

Hence there are some other ways to make the IP address to the name so that they look professional and are also easy to remember. These IP Addresses can be any name such as or, depending on how you get them.

What is the Ip Address of minecraft fto find the ip address of minecraft serverwhat is the custom Ip address of minecraft server

You can learn more about what are these custom names and what are they called and how to get them here in our article on How To Get A Domain Name For Your Minecraft Server.

CONCLUSION of What Is The IP Address For A Minecraft Server And How To Find It!

After you have your own Minecraft server and now want your other friends to connect to your server, the only possible way is to give them the IP Address of the server so they can connect to the IP Address of the server and play with you.

The IP Address of the server is the identity of the server which differentiate it from other. IP Addresses of the server can be found in many ways depending on the type of host you are using. You can also get the custom IP Address for your Minecraft to make it look more good.

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