In this short article, we are going to look at what to do when you get kicked out while joining the server and get a message Incomplete set of tags received from server Minecraft.

We will also look at why and when the server gives this output, and what are the steps that can be taken to minimize this error.

how to fix Incomplete Set of Tags Received From Server Minecraft
Look familiar?

You usually get this error when you are trying to join a modded server. When someone adds the mod to the server file it must be in a working condition, meaning that if it is not, problems can happen.
Also, the mod version must be compatible with the server version that is being used.

It can also happen when the server is not installed properly. One of the main reasons this can happen is that you have an unsupported version of the server that is not compatible with the mods used, or the mods used are not of the same version as that of the server.

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Let’s look at the steps that can be taken to minimize such errors.

Download the Modded server

As mentioned, this happens when you have the wrong server installed. For the mods to work on your server, you should use the Forge or Fabric server.

Firstly, search for the version you are using. Then download the Forge application and click on the server.

Then you can get the server.jar file which is the Forge server file that can be used for making the modded server.


Add Mods to your PC

The forge version on your PC should be the same as the version of the server that you will play on.
If your forge client is outdated, you might face difficulty joining the server.

For that, you need to download forge and then click on the client.

Then open the normal world file of the same version (e.g.: 1.16.5). And then close the launcher, you can click on the .jar file and then your forge is downloaded on your PC.

Get the Latest Java Version

Another reason for this can be the outdated Java edition.

This happens because the server can’t process the installed mod and thus cancels the process.

For this you also need the latest version of Java to be downloaded.


Add Mods to the server

Once the server.jar file is downloaded, paste it into the host. Some hosts also provide built-in server files.

Once you have pasted the server.jar file click on start and then once the server is loaded you will see the mods folder is available now. Paste the mod you want onto the server.

Some mods are server only and some are client-only mods meaning that those mods will work even if they aren’t added to client and server respectively.

But several mods need to be added both to the server and must be added to the client as well for them to work.

How to fix the mod error Incomplete set of tags received from server Minecraft

Once you have added the mods and run the server you might see the error Incomplete set of tags received from your Minecraft server hosting, this might happen because of the Bugged mods.

You can add the mods required one by one and start the server. You can use this to find the bugged mod and can remove that mod or replace it with the working version of it.

Add Mods to your PC

Another reason you might be getting this message is that mods available on your server do not match with your client and they need to be available both at the server and client-side.

Click the download button and add to your PC, then Install

So, the user must download those mods on your device too. For this, you need to make sure that you add the same version that is on the server for them to work properly.

Poor Configuration

One of the reasons this happens is the poor configuration. It depends upon the mods used whether they require configuration or not.

For some mods like Optifine, Minimap mods, MAtmost, etc. they do not require any configuration and they can work with the client only.

But the heavy mods such as Loot+ or other heavy mods are heavily config-driven, and they need to be well configured. Or else they might cause problems too.

These are all the possible things that can cause this problem, and these are the ways/precautions that can be taken to fix this error, I hope that you found the following information helpful for you.

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