In this short article, we will be looking at what is Minecraft Hardcore, and also give you an understanding of how to make a Hardcore Minecraft Server for yourself.

What Is Minecraft Hardcore?

There are multiple types of gameplay in Minecraft. Which include survival, creative adventure, etc. Hardcore is also a type of Minecraft.

Minecraft hardcore server death screen

Similar to Minecraft survival, in a hardcore world, a player has to fight mobs and survive. But unlike survival, in which a player has infinite lives/ respawn, in hardcore, a player only has a single life, in which he has to survive against all hurdles in the game.

What is a Minecraft Hardcore server?

Minecraft hardcore server is similar to a normal Minecraft server. The major difference between the hardcore server and the normal Minecraft server is that in a simple server multiple people can play at the same time and can respawn infinite times. While in a hardcore Minecraft server, once a player dies, he can not connect back to the server, and all the progress is lost.

In a hardcore server, multiple people can play at the same time, but they have no respawn. Once they have been killed or died, they cannot play again.

How to make a hardcore Minecraft Server

Making a Minecraft hardcore server is not a big task. It is very similar to making a simple Minecraft server.

For Online Hosting Companies

Making a hardcore server is not very easy for beginners. Therefore, many hosts providers provide you with a built-in hardcore server.

Many hosts provide such services. They include:

There are various other benefits of using Minecraft server hosting as well, which you can read in the linked article.

Let’s take Apex hosting and see how simple it is to make a hardcore server with it.

  • Firstly, create an account or log in to apex hosting.
  • Now select any package/plan you want to choose.
  • After selecting a plan and proceed to cart.
  • Fill in all the details and in the server version box scroll down/ or type hardcore in it.
Downloading Minecraft hardcore server

  • Now select this and proceed with further steps.

For Self-hosted or normal hosts

For making the server in a self-hosted server or converting the normal server to a hardcore server the following are the steps to be followed:

  • Download a server.jar file of the type of server you want to download.
  • Once the server is downloaded start the server and stop it.
  • Now you will see multiple new files are made.
  • Now find the file and open it with any text editor.
Minecraft hardcore server settings

  • Now scroll down, and you will see the line saying hardcore=false
Minecraft hardcore server settingshardcore = truehardcore = false

  • Replace false with true i.e. hardcore=true
  • Now start the server again

And now your server is converted into a hardcore server. You can add the plugins and mods to this server the same way as you do with the normal server too. These were all the ways to make a hardcore server in Minecraft.

Final Words About The Hardcore Minecraft World

The Hardcore world in Minecraft is the type of gameplay, in which once a player dies, he can’t connect back/ play in the same world again. All the progress in Minecraft hardcore is lost after death/getting killed.

Making a hardcore server in Minecraft is not a difficult task. It is very similar to a simple Minecraft server. All we have to do is to make replace hardcore=false with true in file.

Another way to cut out all the tech elements is to make a Minecraft hardcore server simply by using the paid host, where you can get the already set up Minecraft hardcore server.

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