In this short article, we will be looking at what are the errors that can occur while running the mods. What are the steps that can be taken to minimize the mod errors and what all can be done to remove these errors and bring back the mods into working/action?

How to fix Minecraft mods not working

What are Mods in Minecraft?

Mods in Minecraft are the modification or changes that are done to make the gameplay better and simpler. These modifications can be made by anyone and the great thing is, anyone can use them.

Mods can be used to make differences in the Minecraft gameplay such as adding new blocks, items, tools, vehicles, mobs, etc.

There are two main types of mods available for Minecraft:

1. Fabric
2. Forge  

How to use/download mods

Mods are very easy to use. Most of the mods are also not big in storage. Downloading them is an easy task. They can be downloaded from:


After downloading any of the mod loaders you need to download the Java application as all mods operate in java language:


  • After downloading and running java open your Minecraft game and choose the version of the game you want the mod in.
  • After loading that version of the game, close the Minecraft launcher.
  • Now open the downloaded mod loader file,
  • After it is loaded select the game version you have selected before.
how to use Minecraft fabric mods installer
  1. After selecting the version of the game click on install.
  2. Now open the game launcher again and you will see that there will be an option with the name of the mod loader you have installed recently.
using minecraft launcher screen

If this option is not there you can click on the arrow down and select the option saying fabric-loader, forge-loader depending on the loader used.

How to add Mods to Minecraft

After downloading, installing, and loading the correct loader, now let’s see how we add mods to the game. Adding the mod is also simple as downloading the mod loader.

  1. Find the correct mod you want to download
  2. Once it’s downloaded copy/cut and paste it into the mods folder in Minecraft location. ( Which can be accessed by typing %appdata% in Run)
  3. After pasting the mod, close the game and the launcher and relaunch it.
  4. Now run the game and the mod is added.

How type of error can occur in Mods:

There are multiple types of errors that can occur while playing with mods in Minecraft. A few of the most common errors that can occur are mentioned here with their solution.

Mismatching Versions Of Mods and Minecraft

One of the main errors that can occur with the mods is using the wrong version of the game/mod. It happens because the version of the mod downloaded must match the version of Minecraft.

If both of these versions are not the same, the loader won’t be able to load them and will hence cause an error.

minecraft forge mods older version

Wrong Loader

Another really common error that occurs is the wrong loader. Many times while using the mod this error can occur.

This happens when you are using the fabric loader and the mod that has been placed is forge mod. Fabric mod can not be used by the forge loader and vice versa. Hence doing so will not load the mod and will cause errors.

There are some other errors as well that can be faced due to these mods in a server, which are explained briefly here in our article on the Incomplete Set Of Tags Received From Server.

How to fix the Mod loading errors

For the above mentioned most common errors the following are the solutions:

  1. If the error is due to the wrong choice, usage of the mods, or the mod that is not for the used version of the game. You can download the latest version of that mod or download the new decreased version of that mod.
  2. For the second type of error, you can open the mods folder and find the unsupported mod and remove it. You can also find the same mod in the other loader.

Final Thoughts On How to fix Minecraft mods not working

Mods are the modifications that are added to Minecraft, and they can change the gameplay and make it simple and easy. These mods and their loaders can be downloaded and installed in simple ways.

Once they are loaded and used there are many errors that can occur. Few of them are discussed here with their solutions.

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