How much RAM is too much for Minecraft? Ah, that’s a tough question to crack. How do you work out if you have enough RAM or not?

How much ram is too much for Minecraft

You can check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the page which goes into more detail about how much RAM to allocate, the issues around over-allocating RAM plus some extra bits.

But you know what? I’ve already found the answer. Before moving further, I would like to equip you with very important knowledge.

Lack of RAM and an excess of RAM allocated – both may lag your Minecraft game!

When I first heard that, I was surprised like you.

Anyway, let me tell you how much RAM is too much for Minecraft.

Is 8 GB of Ram Too Much for Minecraft?

I’m talking about 8 GB of RAM because most gamers aim for it.

Now the question is – Is 8 GB of Minecraft allocated memory too much for Minecraft server hosting?

Okay,  here’s the thing – 8 GB ram is more than enough for those players who don’t bother too much around Minecraft.

If you’re someone who loves to play with heavily modded Minecraft games, 8 GB ram would be nothing for you as minecraft using a lot of memory would be an understatement.

In that case, you would need around 64 GB of ram. Haha!

How Should You Choose Ram for Your Minecraft Server?

There are a bunch of different ways to analyze this, but what I’m telling you is coming from true experience.

After observing on websites and trying my own, I’ve found a Minecraft RAM formula to deal with this problem.

My formula is based on the no. of players.

Here’s how it should be:

  • 2 GB – 10 Players
  • 3 GB – 15 Players
  • 4 GB – 25 Players
  • 6 GB – 40 Players
  • 8 GB – More than 90 Players

Is Minecraft Speed Dependent on RAM Only?

If you think that adding more ram would make your Minecraft game go faster, you’re truly wrong.

To increase the speed of your Minecraft server, you have to focus on multiple things like:

  • CPU
  • Hard Drive
  • Graphic Memory
  • High speed internet connection
  • Updated Java on your computer

What Would Happen If You Allocate Too Much RAM?

If you allocate too much RAM  to your Minecraft server, that would be bad as well.

Okay, here’s the sense.

When you allocate too much RAM, your system lacks space, which eventually makes the game run slow.

When I was going through the same problem, I researched on the internet and a Minecraft Reddit user said in one of his posts that allocating 5 GB with 8 GB RAM would be great. 

In addition, he also said it's experimental though. You will never know what combination would work well. So keep trying!

Do You Know The Benefits of Allocating RAM properly?

The most amazing benefit you can have is saving. Who doesn’t like to save money after all?

As you increase RAM, you have to increase your budget. But as I said, too much is not good.

So, it would be beneficial on both ends, in terms of quality as well as performance.

Is Minecraft Keep Lagging Even After Adding More RAM?

I’ve seen some users claim that even after adding more RAM, there’s no noticeable difference in speed.

To tweak this, I would recommend you to play around RAM allocation settings.

Try to allocate RAM using the default launcher, but you can also test your computer's RAM for problems.

If that won’t work out, you may have a bad memory problem. So download any RAM diagnostic tool to see if everything is correct.

One more thing that you can try is – if you have multiple RAMs, you may try pulling out one and trying the other or vice-versa.

Sometimes, a faulty RAM messes up the performance of the whole computer.

What to Do When Nothing Works Out? – Last Resort!

If you have tried changing RAM and everything seems fine, there must be some other thing in your PC that may be causing lag, maybe some issues with the your Minecraft launcher... 

It could be a faulty hard drive, peripherals, DVD Writer, or anything that is installed on your computer.


What happens if you allocate too much ram to Minecraft?

When you allocate too much RAM to Minecraft the extra data in the RAM gets placed onto a disk or SSD, ready to be brought back to your RAM when needed.
When you need to use that RAM again, the transfer back slows doing your game, staggering it. You should avoid this type of extra Minecraft ram allocation.

Can you allocate too much ram to Minecraft?

Yes, you can allocate too much RAM to Minecraft and when you do this your RAM is moved to your disk. When that extra RAM is needed, the transfer of it back into your memory, even if you are using an SSD is slow and staggers your gameplay, a small bit, but you will notice it.

Because of the taxing nature of Minecraft already on your disk, you should avoid allocating too much ram to Minecraft if you want smoother gameplay.

How much ram should I allocate to Minecraft?

The amount of RAM you should allocate to Minecraft is all dependant on how intense heavy your Minecraft gameplaying is going to be, so it varies based on a number of factors.
An example of this would be if you are using Mods when playing you should look to allocate about 5GB of RAM.
If you don't use modpacks then you should be ok with 3GB of RAM Allocation.

How much ram is for a modded Minecraft server?

The amount of RAM you should allocate to your Modded Minecraft sever depends on how intense heavy your modpacks are, but a good rule of thumb for Modded Minecraft Servers is in the range of 4-5GB, and you should turn off all other programs also.

How to allocate more ram to Minecraft?

In order to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, you need to look for the Minecraft RAM allocation tab in your hosting provider. You should be able to type in the amount you want to allocate, but you might also have certain size criteria already set.

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