In this short article we will answer how does Minecraft Server Hosting work by looking first at what different types of servers are available, all the elements that you need to be aware of inside your server, and how you can make the best decisions for your Minecraft server ensuring you have the best gameplay available while be safe and secure.

In short, Minecraft server hosting works very similarly to most game servers, in being that Minecraft is a software program that contains all of the information about the game, and that actually controls the whole game, etc.

The server hosting works on what is called "port forwarding or tunneling". When we create a server, it has its own IP and a "port" which is the identity of the server.

example of port forwarding interface

When we buy the Dedicated host online their IP is public, and anyone can join using that IP. The phenomena on which it works is called basically tunneling or port forwarding.

When you give your IP of the server to other players and they try to connect with it, the IP gets directed/forwarded to the IP where server is and gets connected, then you are joined.

We can also link this IP with a domain name and is also usually called the name of server(abc.plays).

The server hosting is what actually contains all that information, allowing players to access it easily, to play it, update it, add modifications, and get full enjoyment of the amazing world that is Minecraft. Check out our review of the Best Minecraft Hosting Servers in Asia here.

There are so many elements to making a fun and exciting Minecraft server, let’s get into them below…

First off, there are a huge wide variety of servers in the Minecraft world, so let's have a look at which ones you have the opportunity to use.

1. Different Types Of Minecraft Servers

Many types of servers can be made in Minecraft. It is always confusing what type of server you should choose. Here are some kinds of servers:

#1 - Survival

This is like the normal single-player survival world. But with multiple players in it. Here you can play with many people at the same time.

#2 - PvP

great fun on minecraft pvp servers

Also known as Player versus Player. This is a server where people fight with one another with many kits available, and there are so many of these PVP servers online right now, we love these.

#3 - Prison

This is also a survival-like server, where you have ranks and can earn money and rank up, the more you grind, the more you grow.

#4 - Factions

This is also the survival-type server where you can have wars with others. You can also grief and loot others.

#5 - Hunger games

These kinds of servers are usually fighting to the death with an open map. These servers usually have the timer and have the kits.

hunger games minecraft server choice

#6 - Bedwars

This server has a map where we have to destroy others’ beds and defend ours and fight others’ play and defeat them.

#7 - Skyblock

This is the server containing islands and has the economy and you can rank up as well.

2. How To Choose A Good Server To Suit Your Needs

  1. You select the RAM for the server, this also depends on the players you want to have on the server.
  2. If you are looking for a bigger server that contains more players, you need more RAM.
  3. More the plugins are more is the required RAM for it.
  4. You can run an unmodded, vanilla server with MBs of RAM too.

3. How do I host a Minecraft server? Setting Up Your Server

Setting up the server isn't a big task. It is a very easy thing to do. All you need is to:

Get a server file and download it.

You can get the vanilla server file here:




purpur minecraft server

Then after it’s done open the eula.txt file and then retype "true “with "false ".

After clicking the start, you can have the server started.

You can host the server using your PC as well or get an online server host and use it to host your Minecraft server.

Some of the Good server hosts which also provide a better panel to work in are:

Apex Hosting: You can check out our review here

These hosts also give you free panel access and give you the free server file available for download.

4. Preventing Attacks On Your server

Preventing server attacks is also a must-do task. There are many cases in which servers get attacked by DDoS.

Protecting servers from such attacks are mandatory as these attacks can crash any active server badly, which can affect the server as well.

They cannot be disabled but we can minimize and reduce such attacks. This can be done by installing a good firewall and backing up the server on regular basis, to avoid data loss. One of the best firewalls available for Minecraft servers is MySQL. It is easily available and easy to use as well.

5. Control Panel

The panel is one of the most important things for the server in Minecraft. It is also said as a console. We can use it to run different commands and take actions such as starting/stopping or restarting the server. Everything can all be done using this panel.

example of the apex hosting minecraft control panel

Some panels offer a simple user interface as well. It depends on the host used. Most server hosts come up with their own control panel.

6. Using An FTP

Ftp also known as file transfer protocols is also needed for a server, as it is used for transferring files between your computer and some location on the internet.

It is required to transfer the files from or to the hosted server. Usually, for the servers with plugins and mods, YOU need a medium that can be used to move and install the available files.

To make Ftp secure we use sftp which is secure FTP. It encrypts the data being transferred and hence the transferring of data remains safe.

7. Port Forwarding

If you want other players to also play your local hosted Minecraft server then port forwarding or tunneling. Port forwarding is a process that redirects the network traffic to a port.

It provides a secure connection between the player and the server port using which other people can also connect to your server.

There are many software’s which provide tunneling so that others can connect to your localhost and play the local hosted servers.

One of the most efficient porting software is Ngrok:

8. Hosting Multiple Servers

If you want to host multiple servers on the same host that can be done too. For this, you have to separate the space and make sub-hosts.

You can do this by making subfolders in your database. Then you can allocate space according to the server needed and can make multiple servers, but they must have different ports to work. You can change the server port in the file.

9. Different Types Of Servers Online

There are different servers available online that can be used to play. Depending on the type of server you need you can use these. These servers include:
• Vanilla,
Mohist, etc.

Mainly for the simple survival world type server vanilla server is used. For any server which doesn’t need plugins, vanilla is used in such cases.

Spigot, purpur, purpur, and bukkit can be used in cases where plugins are required. These all offer services depending on the server you choose to make.

For the bedrock worlds, we can use the pocketmine server file. This also offers plugin access. But these all can't run the mods directly.

For the usage of the mod, you need to use a forge or fabric server. Fabric only provides the mods added within the server while forge supports both server mods and the clients.

10. How Does Minecraft Server Hosting Work with Server Backups

Backing up the server regularly is needed, as many things can affect the server. So doing backups regularly is required. All times backups can’t be made manually, so they can be automated as well. There are many plugins available that can automate the backups as well.

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