Finding the correct location for your hosting server is super important if you want to have smooth and uninterrupted gameplay, or run a super quick website.

And if you are like many of our clients, you have opted to look at Hostinger Minecraft servers, well, more importantly, you will choose this hosting provider if the Hostinger server location is right for you...

And that shouldn't be an issue, because the Hostinger no. of locations globally is huge...

Hostinger Hosting, is the cheapest and most cost-effective hosting service online today, with a cool up-to-date control panel that is super easy to use.

Where are Hostinger servers located?

Hostinger is a pretty big company now, with over 29 million customers all over the world, so you will be sure to find a location that is close enough to you, no matter where you are.

Hostinger server locations include the USA, South America, Europe and Asia.
Their servers are located in the following locations:

• Brazil
• Singapore, Asia
• India
• Indonesia
• UK
• Netherlands
• Lithuania (coming soon)

The great thing about Hostinger is that not only are they super inexpensive, but all of their servers have 1000 Mbps connections (very strong), and this helps ensure that you have great smooth performance and gameplay.

hostinger trustpilot review

Which server location is best?

As you may already know, the closeness of your server to where you are actually playing your Minecraft game is so important to ensure that you have a fun and interruption-free experience.

This is due to the fact that the closer you are, the less time it takes for data to transfer between your game-playing and your Hostinger server. The further away, the more lag time that happens, and even a tiny amount of lag, of 1 millisecond is noticeable to the human mind and interrupts your gaming pattern.

So, knowing which server location is closest to you is of key importance.

Hostinger In Asia

If you are in Asia, you have a choice between the Hostinger server location of Indonesia and also Singapore, so choose which country is closer to you, as that will be a smoother connection.

Hostinger in Europe

If you are located in Europe, or near the EU, then you have a choice of the UK and the Netherlands, and also Lithuania, so again, choose your closest location.

If you are the far end of Eastern Europe, potentially Lithuania, so again, this will come down to you doing a little bit of research to find out exactly how far you are away from your hosting server.

Hostinger in USA

Again, if you are in the USA make sure you check where they are located in the USA, as there is more than one server here, and you can choose your closest location.

Hostinger in South America

And lastly, if you are located in South America then you can get signed up with the Brazilian server location.

Best Hostinger server location

The best Hostinger server location will all depend on how close you are to the actual local server, but even if you are a bit far, it shouldn’t stop you from giving Hostinger a try.

They have over 29 million customers who are spread all over the world, in locations as far away as South Africa, and the reports and reviews from there are promising.

Plus, Hostinger lets you set up a Minecraft Virtual Private Server (VPS) in seconds, for as little as $8.95 per month.

The Hostinger plans come in different sizes, from:

  • 2GB to 8GB memory for Singapore Minecraft server hosting,
  • dual CPUs,
  • DDoS protection,
  • full-time support,
  • free MySQL,
  • With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Let us know which Hostinger server location you choose, we would love to know where you are from. Also, if you have decided on another host, who were you thinking about?

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