In this short article, we will be looking at what a seed is and how to get the seed of the Minecraft server. We will also look at how to get the seed of Minecraft multiplayer, and we will learn about how to do this seed work and how to get the World File of a particular seed.

A Seed in Minecraft is the code that generates the worlds where you can play. In Minecraft multiplayer / servers, only operators or admins can access the server-only command which also includes the/seed command.

So, the question that arrives here is how to get the seed of the Minecraft Server if we aren’t the operator and if this is possible or not.

What are seeds in Minecraft?

The seed is Minecraft world generation is the set of string/code that generates a particular world containing different structures. Each seed in Minecraft has its own identity and its world type.

How To Get The Seed Of The Minecraft Server easily

A single seed cannot have the two types of the world as the seed numbers depend on the placement/location of the different rare structures and it decides where they will be located e.g., Ocean monuments, end cities, mansions, end portals, etc.

There are almost 18 quintillions (1018) seeds that are generated now in Minecraft. These seeds can be some positive numbers or negative numbers.

What are seeds in Minecraft

These seeds start from a single-digit and can go up to multiple numbers. These seeds also depend on the version of the game used. A seed of the latest version (e.g.,1.18) can’t be used on the older versions of the game (e.g.,1.8) as many new builds/blocks get added in the newer version so using the seeds in the older version will not work properly.

How do we get the seed of our Minecraft world?

The world generation is dependent on the seed used to create the world. If we do not input any seed when creating the world, Minecraft takes any random seed and creates a world. Finding some builds such as Ocean Monument, End portal, Slime chunks, Villages or witch huts takes a lot of time. So, these seeds can be used to find the location of these builds.

To find the seed of the single-player world you can use the /seed command. If you are not able to run this command you should go to settings and then click on open to LAN and then click the Enable Cheat. You can also enable the codes while making the world.

How do we get the seed of our world

How to get the seed of Minecraft multiplayer

While playing on the Minecraft multiplayer, all the commands that can be used in Minecraft single-player are not usable by players. Those commands can only be used by the server operators (/op), or they can be enabled using the plugins for the other players/admins.

How to get the seed of Minecraft multiplayer

But in most of the online multiplayer servers, these commands are banned for normal players. By using the seed command anyone can find any of the builds easily and that can end many of the resources of the world.

To get the seed you can ask the servers’ owner or any of the admins. But you can not find the seed all the time. Many fake sites are saying that you can get the seed of the server by just placing the IP of the server, but they are mostly fake.

How to get the Minecraft server’s seed without OP?

There are still some ways using which can be used to find the seed of the online multiplayer server. For this, you need to download the world downloader mod.

This mod requires the Forge to be used.

How to get the Minecraft server’s seed without OP

Using this mod, you can download the Minecraft world you are playing in. The mod detects the generation format and then according to that, it can find the seed of that world (server’s world you have downloaded).

Sometimes this seed is not the same as the server’s seed, but we can increase its accuracy by downloading/finding some rare builds such as the ocean monument, end cities, etc.

Downloading the world using mod in minecraft

There are some other mods available over the internet as well, which can be used to find the world generation, where we can input some of the coordinates of the builds (naturally spawner builds) and it will find you the seed of that server’s world.

But these mods can only work on the server having the same version as the mod. If the mod is outdated, these mods won’t work.

Mod saving the world file mine craft

But if the server you are trying to get the seed, has a good anti-cheat that can detect this mod, you can be banned by the servers’ admins. Use this at your own risk.


These were the ways to use to can get the seed of single-player world and multiplayer servers world. Using this mod we can also download the world file and can play on it as well.

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