In this short article, we will be looking at server crashes and the things that cause the server to crash. We will be also looking at How To Diagnose Server Crashing Issues On Your Minecraft Server. And also, the possible ways to fix them.

What is meant by Minecraft Server Crashing

In Minecraft, while playing on the servers, sometimes you might have noticed that the server stop itself kicking all the players from the server. This is known as a server crash.

How To Diagnose Server Crashing Issues On Your Minecraft Server

Why Do Minecraft Server Crash

There are multiple things and reasons that can cause a Minecraft server to crash. These crashes can mostly occur when some faulty mod gets into a server file, or some important file gets corrupted.

These crashes can also occur when the server’s host runs out of the allocated ROM or its storage. Such crashes can affect the server badly.

How To Diagnose Minecraft Server Crashing.

To diagnose or get the reason why the server crashed is not very difficult if you are the owner or admin of the server with console access. When a server is running it stores all the console chat/data in the log folder. Making all the data safe, which also stores the crash report and can be accessed easily.

All you need is to open your console and then go to the logs folder and find your latest logs named latest.log.


One of the main reasons that are responsible for most crashes is mods. When there are multiple mods installed in a server, anyone having a fault can create a server laggy and also crash the server. Such mods can not load properly and also affect the other mods/ plugins working and consume a lot of RAM and so crashes the server.

Such mods can be fixed simply by finding out the faulty mod in latest.log with the newer verison or with any other alternative.

incomplete set of tags minecraft server crash

Another thing that crashes /kicks the player is Incomplete Set Of Tags.

You can read more about it here :
Incomplete Set Of Tags


Another reason that can cause a server to crash is the lack of RAM. If the RAM allocated for the server is less than what is required, it can crash the server. This crash can be fatal to the server as it can affect the server files and the data backup as well.

To fix such issues more RAM can be allocated to the server so such issues don’t affect the server and make them crash.

To know more about why is RAM needed for the server and its uses/impacts, you can read here:

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Lack of storage is also amongst the reason for the server crashes. Storage is used to store all the data of a server and players. This storage gets filled with time and also is dependent on the number of players. But once the server’s storage gets filled it starts making the server slow and lack of storage to store more data can make the server crash.

minecraft out of memory no storage mincraft server

To fix this issue, the storage of the server must be upgraded. The more will be the storage the faster will be the server and it won’t be able to crash again due to this problem till it gets filled again.

To know more about why is storage important for any server and its impact on the server, you can read here:

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Another reason that can make a server crash is plugins. When there is any faulty plugin in your server, it can also make a server crash. As such plugins cannot be loaded completely and hence affect the server is running. When the server can’t load such plugins completely and someone tries using them, they can also make a server crash.

To prevent your server from such crashes, all you need is to open the latest.log file again, and there you will see the name of the plugin that is making a server crash and you can replace it with the other ones or get the newer ones.

These were the things that are mostly responsible for server crashes.

How To Diagnose Server Crashing Issues On Your Minecraft Server CONCLUSION:

Having a Minecraft server is fun unless it crashes. It can make you think your Minecraft server is over but it is not very difficult to fix it. All you need is to be the owner of the server or any admin with console/host support. In the server, folders find the logs and then the latest.log file. It will give the reason for the crash and also the name of plugins or mods if they are responsible for the crash.

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