In this short article, we will be looking at what is meant by backing up your Minecraft server, including what are the steps to backup the Minecraft server?

We will be also looking at why is it needed/essential to backup the Minecraft servers. What are the benefits of backing up your server and how does not backing up your server affect your server?

What Is Meant By Backing Up The Server

In Minecraft, when having a server you might have seen the option of BACKUP. In servers, many players play at the same time, making data that depends upon the number of the users playing the game. The more are the number of players the more is the data for each player.

By doing the Backup of the server, all of the data is stored in a compressed file/backup form. This backup can be stored in the server/host or even downloaded to your device, to keep it safer.

What Are Benefits Of Backing Up Minecraft Server

You might wonder why backing up the server is essential, or why it is even necessary. Many times you might have seen in Minecraft servers, whenever there is any bot attack or any issue with the server, it makes the server crash.

When the server is crashed it can be due to multiple reasons and many times it can make a data breach or make the data files corrupted, not usable.

In such cases, the backup is the choice for the user and helps have a track or record of all the data and it can be used to make everything, players’ activity, builds, and all needed files back into action.

Not having any backup can affect your server in many ways. In case of any data corruption, files not working, the server becomes useless and you have to start everything from the void. This can also make all players lose all their play records delete from the server, affecting your server growth.

How To Backup Minecraft Server

After knowing the benefits of backing up your Minecraft server, let’s see how do we make a backup. Depending on what type of server hosting you are using you can backup your Minecraft server.

  • Local Hosted Servers:

Local hosted servers are also referred to as self-hosted servers.  These servers aren’t simple to backup as such servers don’t have any User Interface. But that doesn’t mean these servers can’t have a backup.

To Backup such servers you can find the place where the server is present and go to the folder where the server.jar file is present. Now if you want to get a backup of your server world, find the folder named world.

Minecraft World Backup In Local Hosted Server. Minecraft Backups

Now right-click the folder and you will see the option send to, click it and now you will see the option compressed. Select the option and it will create a .zip file of the world, which can be uncompressed any time to use again.

The same is the case with your server overall, to create a backup of your whole server, go to the folder your server is present in and then make a .zip compressed file.

Local Host Minecraft Server
  • Dedicated Hosted Servers:

Most of the dedicated server hostings come with a built-in Backup feature. These server hostings have a user-friendly interface and thus have the option of backup on their side menu.

To create a backup, all you need is to click on Backup on the side menu. It will open a new window, which has the option to start the backup, with the name of the backup file written on it.

Minecraft Server Backup Side BarMinecraft Server Paid Host Backup

After creating a backup you can access it from your FTP tool and copy the backup to your device.

To restore the server using the backup file, go to the restore bar inside the backup window and click restore and select the backup file. This will reload the server to the backup settings and the data backed up will return as well.

Backing Up Minecraft Server Apex Hosting

Some Minecraft hostings are :
Apex Hosting:
Shockbyte Host:

  • Backup Using Plugins:

There are these two ways to backup Minecraft servers, but there is another way to backup your server too. This way needs you to download a plugin to your server. Once this plugin is downloaded and pasted in your plugins folder you can restart your server and have this plugin running.

You can create the backup easily just by running the following command in your server:
/backup create <backup name>
E.g.: /backup create test

And this will make a backup inside the plugin folder, which can be downloaded as well.

This backup can be loaded backup as well by the simple command.

/backup restore <backup name>
E.g.: /backup restore test


Benefits of dedicated hosted servers

Backing up your server without the host is one of the time as well as a storage-consuming thing. You need to have both server and backup on your device. You have to backup your server manually in case of self-hosted servers.

While in the case of the dedicated hosted servers, this is just a one-click thing. You can backup your server just by clicking the backup button and it will create a backup for you, which you can store anywhere for future use.

Automated Backups

Dedicated server hostings come with another feature called Automated Backups. This feature lets the user set a time in advance for the host to create a backup of the server at a given time. This can be also used to automate the host to take the backup of the server daily. Which means your data gets backed up daily. The host automatically deletes the previous files so there is no load on the host or the server.

Minecraft Server Automated Backups

To know about more benefits of Dedicated server hostings :


Backing up your Minecraft server is one of the most necessary things to do, once your server is ready. Backups help the server in case of any data loss or if all the servers’ data gets corrupted. You can backup your server by simple methods and store it in your device as well. To restore the data you can do it simply as well.

Backing up data in dedicated server hostings is a lot easier though. You can also automate the backup process in the dedicated hosting feature.

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