Storage is so vitally important for great Minecraft gameplay, so we will be deep-diving into why you need storage space for hosting Minecraft servers, while also looking at the many factors which make good storage compulsory.

Why You Need Storage For Minecraft Server Hosting

Why do we need storage for Minecraft?

Firstly, the question arrives, why do we even need storage space for Minecraft?

As we can see in Minecraft’s single-player world the more we play in it the more space it takes, meaning the more storage is needed and this obviously increases with time.

Let’s have a look at what are the factors that make it compulsory to have more space:

Minecraft World Files

One of the main things that take up lots of space in any Minecraft world, single-player or multiplayer is the World File, as the world contains a multitude of blocks and each block has its own data.

minecraft world files take up storage

The more explored Minecraft is, the more space is used, and similarly, with time when the world is explored completely, it will take a lot of space.

If you go exploring, expect your storage requirements to increase.

The same is the case with the Minecraft server.

As the world files are placed in the server hosts, when the players explore the world they make the world file bigger.

And similarly, with more players, more space will be required to store the data of the area/blocks of each player and will require more storage.

Minecraft Plugins Use Up Storage Space

Another reason for more storage required is the plugins. The more plugins your gameplay uses, the more space will be required. But it also depends on what type of plugins are being used. The plugins which are just used for running the server need no big storage.

But the plugins which store the data of the users require a lot of storage. The more players that are on the server, the more required storage will be needed for these plugins as these plugins store the data of individual players.

Plugins like CoreProtect need a lot of space. These plugins are used for backups which means they have the data of each action stored in its database. Hence with time, such plugins take a lot of space and so consume more storage.

minecraft plugin files

Mods Take Up Space

The same is the case with the mods. Mods also need a lot of space similar to plugins. They store the data of various things in the server and depending on the type of the mod this storage can vary.

Backups Use Storage

Another reason why we need a lot of space for our server hosting is the backups.

In the server, regular, daily, or weekly backups are required to prevent the server from attacks.

Some good Minecraft hosting servers also have auto backups which take the backup and download the backup file into the server hosting (super important).

Most of the time these backup files are stored in the host and are not reused or deleted after the next backup and hence take up a lot of space.

This also depends on the size of the server files.

The more server files and data, the more space it will take to make and store the backup of the server, so everything is reliant on how much storage you have.

Server logs Create Data

Server logs are also responsible for the need for more storage on the server host.

The logs store the data of all the things that are happening in the server and all the actions being done by the players, such as:

  1. The messages they type,
  2. The commands they run or in the case of plugins,
  3. The permissions they have,
  4. And the blocks they have placed, actions they have registered, etc.

The server log is the data of the whole server. The more players you have on your server the bigger your server logs file will be, as it will have to store the data for every player individually.

Hence, to store the data of all the player’s storage is required by the host to store them properly.

Minecraft server logs

What happens if the space is not enough?

If the allocated, given space for the server is not enough for the server to store the data in it, it will make the server start to lag and eventually with time, it will freeze and will make the server crash.

It can also affect the previously-stored server files.

And to get some space can also have a bad impact on the server hosting / RAM and can affect the important server files.

what happens when you run out of Minecraft memory

How do we get more space for the server?

To run the server smoothly without any crashes, more storage is also required along with RAM. As it stores all the data of the server, it is a must for a server host to have storage.

Running a server on a personal device can have storage problems many times as the storage there is limited, and all storage cannot be left for the server.

Therefore, using online hosting is the best solution. These hosts have the storage which is separately allocated for these servers. These hosts are online and some have unlimited storage which makes it further better for the server.

There are many hosts such as Hostinger, Apex hosting, Shockbyte which provides a lot of storage that is enough for the server to run smoothly.

Final Thoughts On Why You Need Storage For Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft servers require storage to run smoothly and perfectly. The World File in the Minecraft server stores the data of all blocks of the world similar to the single-player world.

Depending on the plugins and mods used this space can increase as these mods and plugins also store the data of players and their actions. Another thing that takes a lot of space is the server backup files.

They can accede to several gigabytes and can make the server laggy if the allocated space is not enough.

So, allocating the space for servers is the best solution which can be done by using the server hosts. These hosts provide a lot of space for the servers which makes the server lag-free and run smoothly.

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