So you have finally decided to go for MCHostingPro, you know what I don’t blame you, it rocks, so let’s get you this Minecraft Hosting Pro Discount Code, which you can find just right below here.

30% Off Minecraft hosting pro discount code

Use discount code: NETHER30 for 30% OFF ON YOUR FIRST ORDER, or WINTER25 for 25% Off

Minecraft Hosting Pro Discount Code

Minecraft-hosting.Pro is one of the most affordable Minecraft hosting on the market today, and they have a cool website, which makes a lot of younger players want to use them more, it was a great user experience strategy by MCHostingPro to set up their hosting server website like this.

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Minecraft Hosting Pro Alternative Discounts

Now, while the Minecraft Hosting Pro Discount code of 30% is great, there are other Minecraft server hosting companies that have good discounts and are making waves in the hosting arena.

Apex Hosting Discount

One is Apex Hosting, which is another super easy to use and relatively inexpensive hosting server with stacks of servers globally, so location is never a factor.

Hostinger Minecraft Discount

Another, which you may already have heard of is Hostinger, which has been voted best all-round hosting server for Minecraft Players, due to its ease of use, dedicated VPS servers, and most importantly price.

Plus, both of the above-mentioned servers come with discount codes, so you should give them a look-see if they are interesting to you, we wrote about them both here in our Best Minecraft Server Hosting Review article.

Let me know in the comments below, which are your favorite?

Why we love Minecraft Hosting Pro

1. Their Control Panel is super simple to use

And if you are new to Minecraft or aren’t that technically minded you will find that their server hosting panel is extremely intuitive, meaning, even if you haven’t used it before, you will figure it out really quickly.

Also, the setup of your Vanilla Minecraft or even a modded server can be done within a few clicks.

2. Easy 1 Click Set Up

Just like many of the newer hosting companies on the market today, Minecraft Hosting Pro offers a 1 click setup, which basically means, once you buy you’re your server, you will be instantly able to access everything you need to start playing, from:

  • Servers types,
  • Plugins,
  • Mods,
  • and maps.

It’s super simple, no file uploads, just easily search the features you need, click what it is, and then start to play.

Web FTP & Client

If you have your own mods that you want to install you can also add these via their FTP, or your own, like FileZilla that you connect with.

Just simply connect to your own server FTP, drag your .jar files in and you are ready to go.

A recent review from says:

« I have bought Minecraft servers a few times in the past using Minecraft Hosting Pro, no problems so far, I had an issue with the server this week, and they fixed it super quick, the support it's great!
I recommend it to anyone! »

minecraft hosting pro review trust pilot

And that is only one, there are many more.


Is Minecraft Hosting Pro Free?

No, Minecraft Hosting Pro is not free, it used to be, but not anymore. There is a 30% Minecraft hosting pro discount code that you can use, and the cost of hosting at MCHostingPro is actually very reasonable, so you aren’t out much money, especially for the level and ease of use associated with this MC hosting server.

Is Minecraft Hosting Pro Legit?

Yes, Minecraft Hosting Pro is legit, so much so that it has been around since 2021, and has a hugely good reputation in the Minecraft hosting server supplier landscape.
It has also got some amazing reviews and testimonials from which is the internet’s authority on reviews.

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