Minecraft has taken over, and your Modpack of choice is available no matter where you look. But, finding good Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting is where most game players fall down, and why?

Well, it’s simple really…

Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting
Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting from Apex is probably the best and easiest solution

Most servers aren’t suitable for all the different mod packs. And when I say not suitable, I mean, they just make things more difficult than others, and because this is about making money with a server and having people have fun in their gameplay, we look at only the best Minecraft Hexxit server hosting for our players.

Can I host my own server?

Yes, 100% you can host your own Minecraft Hexxit server. There are very few things as fun and exciting as getting a Modpack like Hexxit up and running and playing together with friends on your own server.

Who would I recommend for this? Apex Hosting… you can check out our full review or them here in our Singapore Minecraft server hosting review.

Apex Hosting Hexxit Server Minecraft

We like Apex because they just have everything you need to smoothly run a Hexxit sever, being that it is protected against DDoS attacks, and you can easily manage it via their web interface, along with free FTP access.

Hexxit is a bit of beast when it comes to Minecraft Mods, as in, it contains 55 mods that make exploring the world so much more interesting, but with all those mods comes more hassle for a server owner, but not with Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting from Apex, that is specifically created for Hexxit users, so everything is neat and tidy, ready to run once you get started.

What is Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting?

As you probably already know, Hexxit is a popular Modpack for Minecraft that brings players unto a magical world of dungeons and dragons. I say Dungeons and Dragons as it reminds me of when I used to play my D&D role-playing games with friends when younger.

This is why I love Hexxit, it’s an exploration game, with wizards, and monsters, and makes you feel as if you are actually back playing the real world RPGs.

Things you can do with Hexxit

Having your own Hexxit server hosting is a real step back into the classics of Minecraft…

  1. You can choose to advance your skills inside the game,
  2. With BiomesXL you can explore the world at your own convenience,
  3. You have the chance to master magic and beat your enemies into submission,
  4. Explore dungeons and kill the boss baddies,
    Having your own Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting and getting stuck into gameplay with your friends means countless hours of fun and adventure as you explore the worlds.

Plus, the Hexxit pack comes with MCPC+ which is a much better experience and has support for Bukkit/Spigot plugins.

How much Ram does a Hexxit server need?

The normal amount of RAM you need for your Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting is around 2GB to 4GB, to start with.

So let’s say you are starting out with 5 players, while having 3GB is actually enough, it would be far better to opt for the 4GB RAM solution as it just makes the game playing more fun and enjoyable.

And again, if you had 10 players, perhaps choose an 8GB to 10GB package. The good thing about Apex Minecraft Hexxit Server Hosting is it is super well priced for what it has available, and they have a handy breakdown of how much Ram does a Hexxit server need, so you will understand what is necessary.

So let me know in the comments below what server hosting you are going to get, as I said, Apex is my host of choice simply because they make everything easy to use, and they have great support which is on hand to help you with any things is you ever need them.

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