free minecraft server hosting plans in asia

So, you are ready to jump into the MC World, and you want to find the best free Minecraft server hosting Asia to get started with.

It’s a tough one because there are a lot of Minecraft hosts that say they are free, but when it comes down to it, it’s not, and you get stuffed within a week or so, so be aware of this...

Now that’s not to say they aren’t good, just that you only get a 7 Day Trial, like the guys over at

Miinecraft hosting pro
You can get a 7 day free trial with Minecraft Hosting Pro, plus a 30% discount on your first order

And there are lots like this…

What is the best free Minecraft server hosting Asia?

Well this comes down to just a 1 MC hosting servers really. Now, while it is free, you will find that they obviously don’t have all the bells and whistles, add-ons and plugins that the paid versions do, and you also have to do a bit more work to get them online, plus, potentially they could be in the Asia Pacific region, but anyway, here they are…

ScalaCube Free Minecraft Hosting

We like ScalaCube because they provide you with a free server with the full functionality, plus, if you stay within their limits, they are free forever.

Free Minecraft Server Hosting Asia

The only way you can really go over their limits is when you decide to grow your Minecraft community and get out into the bigger MC world. When you do decide, they will do a free automatic transfer of all of your:

  • Data,
  • IP Addresses,
  • Maps,
  • Mods,
  • Plugins,

And anything else you have on your game server.

They are packed full of good things like:

  • 24/7 server monitoring (even for free servers)
  • A reliable Internet connection and low ping rates,
  • They are secured against DDoS attacks.
  • Full FTP, SSH, and MySQL access.

Plus, loads of other things like uploading your own .jar files, free ready to use the website, and support forums.

And because they are global, you will get your Free Minecraft Server Hosting Asia up and running in a super quick time.

Almost Free Minecraft Server Hosting In Asia

Now, while it is super tough to find a really good Free Minecraft Server Hosting in Asia it is much easier to find an almost-free server, as Asia is absolutely packed with them. Now while it is packed, that doesn't mean they all live up to scratch.

We broke down the top servers per country for you to have a look through. The locations in Asia we have reviewed so far include Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, as this is where most of our clients come from, perhaps you too?

You can check these out here...

Also, you might like to have a look at what is called the best overall Minecraft server hosting provider, in our Hostinger Minecraft Review here.


Is Apex Hosting Free?

No, while Apex hosting doesn’t provide Free Minecraft Server Hosting Asia, they are next best to free, being super low, with great intro discounts, and because they are dedicated to Minecraft hosting the added benefits you get from them for your MC gameplay means that you are in seriously good hands.

You can play your games for as next to free Minecraft Server Hosting Asia as possible, while still maintaining your budget intact. If you are interested in a deeper dive into Apex Hosting for Asia, then you can check out the reviews of them in each of the articles related to hosting Minecraft Severs in Asia here.

Is there any free Minecraft server hosting?

For Asia, unfortunately there is only one free Minecraft server hosting and that is ScalaCube, but they are seriously good and you have the option of transferring to a paid server automatically should you choose to do so.

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