With the thousands of MC providers available throughout the world, it can be hard to find the Best Minecraft Server Hosting For Mods that comes in at a reasonable price, with ease of use and reliability.

And this is important...

As one of the coolest ways to make your Minecraft game-playing feel like it is uniquely yours is by adding mods to help customize your hosting server.

There are lots of companies that provide the modded experience, but what actually is the best Minecraft server for mods, and how can you get started as soon as possible?

best minecraft server hosting for mods

To start with, this will depend on whether you have already gotten your Singapore Minecraft hosting server set up, and you add the mods to your existing setup, or you are looking for a whole new server hosting experience with inbuilt mods for your new Minecraft Server.

For us, and many of our customers, their preferred hosting company of choice for their modded gameplay comes from 2 suppliers.

#1 – Hostinger

Winner on Price: Simply an unbeatable price

When it comes to Hostinger, we love it because it is just so open to everything. It has plans dedicated specifically to the MC world, which is why it is on the list of best Minecraft server hosting for mods.

Hostinger minecraft servers for mods

They built their Minecraft service on their VPS servers, meaning you can build and grow your server as your requirements grow also. They give a minimum 2GB memory to start, which starts at $8.95 per month, for up to 70 players, which is nuts!

To get set up, they are so easy, super quick installation and, if you get stuck along the way, their tech support is on hand to give you the help you need.

As for Modpacks, each plan comes with preinstalled mods, you can simply add or remove at any time, and also you can install any world or Modpack on Hostinger, which is super cool.

They have custom .jar options, which allow you to install ANY jar files that you have onto your server, enabling you to play Minecraft the way you want, with no issues.

And all Minecraft hosting packages give you full root access so you can easily add or remove any mods or plugins with just a few clicks.

Plus, they are international, so that adds to the plus stars for Hostinger.

You can get a full breakdown of Hostinger Minecraft here at our review.

#2 – Apex Hosting

Winner on Ease and Modpacks

Now, the reason we love Apex hosting is that it is just so easy to get up and running, plus they have such a range of mod packs too, over 200 on our last count, with great names like:

apex hosting modpacks best server

• World of Dragons
• Volcano Block
• Valhelsia 3
• Tekkit Lite
• Space Astronomy 2

No wonder it is on the list of best Minecraft server hosting for mods because it has such a range, but is also so easy to set up.

When you start running a modded server, you must make sure that you download the mods on your Minecraft client first.

Also, you must ensure that you check the requirements of each Modpack, as each pack requires a different amount of RAM, plus also you have to account for the number of players that you will have on your server also. Apex makes this easy.

But, do make sure that you do your checking to ensure you choose a good package with enough memory to support these…

1) your Modpack, and…

2) the number of players you have played.

The prices at Apex hosting are very good also, where you can get a server for up to 20 players for $14.99 per month, but this includes most modpacks ready to get set up on your servers.

You can look at our full breakdown of why Apex hosting is so good at our cheap Minecraft server hosting review here.

Your Choice For The Best Minecraft Server Hosting For Mods

There are a huge array of other MC servers for Mods, but in all seriousness, if you are looking for the best Minecraft server hosting for mods, then you have a toss-up between...

  1. The super cheap Hostinger,
  2. and the also cheap, but packed full of useful modpacks, at Apex Hosting.

If you can afford a few extra dollars per month go with Apex, due to its ease, but if budget is your concern, you can not go bad at all with Hostinger.

The choice is yours, let me know in the comments below which one you will choose.

What is the best modded Minecraft server host?

The best modded Minecraft server host on the market today, based on price, ease of use, reliability, and addons, ties between 2 MC hosting providers:

#1 - Hostinger
#2 - Apex Hosting.

Check out our full review of both here

How much does it cost to host a modded Minecraft server?

Figuring out the cost of hosting a modded Minecraft server is based on 2 different aspects. Once you know:

1. How many players you will have playing on your Minecraft Server, and...
2. How big is the modpack that you are going to run.

Once you know both of these, you will be able to work out how much it will cost to run your modded MC Server.

How do I host a modded Minecraft server?

Hosting a modded Minecraft server is pretty easy. The main thing you need to do is figure out your requirements.
Things you need to consider are:
1. How many people you are going to have to play on your hosting server,
2. What location are most of your players, as you want to choose a good server location due to quickness of gameplay,
3. And, what modpacks and addons your want to include in your hosting.

If you can get these things down, the next thing you have to do is find a hosting server that fills your needs, which you can find out here.

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