So who is the best Minecraft player in the world? This is one of the most searched questions online related to Minecraft. There are many Minecraft players around the globe. Since it was released, Minecraft is one of the most played and liked games and with almost 140 million+ users, it is the fastest-growing community of server owners and some awesome players!

Many Minecraft players are famous because of their talent and exceptional skills. You see, Minecraft is not all about playing and building, but it has a lot of things to do in it. Which include PvP also known as player versus player, Redstone engineer, speed run, parkour, etc.

Top Minecraft players

There are many famous players across the internet. They can not be all mentioned so we will be dividing them into categories so we can cover the maximum of them. These categories are:

  • PvP (Player versus player)
  • Redstone engineering
  • Speed runs
  • Others

Some of the Minecraft players with a huge fan following are :

  • Technoblade
  • Dream
  • Mumbojumbo
  • PewDiePie
  • Tommyinnit
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Sapnap

These all are very famous Minecraft players and are playing and streaming Minecraft for a long time. Some of them are playing this game for many years.

Who is the best Minecraft player in the world
This is Technoblade

PVP Minecraft Players

PvP is also known as player versus player. In this, two or more players have to fight with each other and the last to survive is the winner.

This PvP battle can take on many forms, which include using kits, bow fight, sword fights, etc. PvP is dependent on how fast you can click and your cps(clicks per second) and how you defend others’ attacks.

If you can register more clicks per second the other player will get more damage as compared to the person with fewer clicks per second. Better get your clicking finger to the gym.

Most famous PvP players are

  • Technoblade
  • Cxlvxn
  • Dream
  • Clownpierce

PvP in Minecraft also depends on the version of the game you are playing in. The 1.8 version of the game is more dependent on the CPS. In 1.8 you can spam click and can get a combo, which deals a lot more damage. In the 1.8 version of the game, Swords are mainly used as a tool for fighting.

While in the 1.16 and above versions of the game, CPS can not be used as an advantage. As in the 1.16, you cannot spam click as there is a cooldown time, and get a combo that lets your each click split and you can’t take advantage of it, unlike the 1.8 version.

In 1.16 there are some extra enchantments like Sweeping Edge added which also affects the damage dealt per click.

Also, in the 1.16 version of the game Axe is mostly used as a tool for PvP as it deals more damage unenchanted as compared to a sword.

Most famous PvP players are

So, they can be divided into two categories concerning the version.

Top PvP Minecraft players of 1.8 versions are

  • Technoblade
  • Cxlvxn

Top PvP Minecraft players of 1.16 versions are

  • Dream
  • Clownpierce

Technoblade is considered one of the best PvP players of Minecraft. He is also one of the best Bedwars players.

He had the record of win streaks which was 1400 wins, which was broken by Defone.

Techno blade is also the two times MCC, also known as Minecraft Championship winner.

He won MCC4 and MCC8 titles.

bed wars minecraft winner technoblade

Speed Run Minecraft Players

The main race in Minecraft single-player is who can finish the game fastest. As for completing the game, in maximum cases, players have to pass through all the worlds. These worlds include Nether and End.

The fastest to beat/end the game is called speedrunner. The top 3 speedrunners of the 1.16+ version of Minecraft are:

  • Brentilda
  • MoleyG
  • Corobo

These are the players who own the world record to end Minecraft the fastest. They have beaten Minecraft in less than 11 minutes. The time they have taken to beat Minecraft in in-game time is:

  • Brentilda : 09m 36s
  • MoleyG : 10m 06s 333ms
  • Corobo : 10m 28s 500ms

Dream is also one of the most famous Minecraft players/Youtuber.

dream minecraft winner of manhunts and speed runs

He is famous for his speed runs and manhunts. Manhunt is a type of speed run where you have people running behind you during speed run to kill you.

They can be any of any number. Dream has the records for all manhunts which include all 1-5 speedrunners vs hunter.

Redstone Engineers

Redstone is an important part of Minecraft. Redstone can be used to create multiple things inside the game and can be used to make automated farms and builds. They act like electricity.

Many Redstone materials can be combined and used to make different builds and farms. Such as Automatic pumpkins, melons, sugarcane, bamboo farms, automatic doors, etc.

who is the best Redstone Engineer player

The people who make the Redstone builds and know how to use it are called Redstone engineers. A few of the most famous Minecraft Redstone engineers are:

  • Mumbo Jumbo
  • Ilmango
  • Ethoslab

The above-mentioned Redstone engineers also showcase their videos on YouTube where you can watch them and learn from it (Links below)

Mumbo Jumbo is considered the best Redstone engineer in Minecraft. He has made many automatic farms and builds which include the moving house, automated huge wheat, kelp farms, and automatic gold farm.

Minecraft YouTubers

Many Minecraft YouTubers are famous for their different type of videos. Some of them are :

  • Techno Blade
  • Dream
  • Mumbo Jumbo
  • Tommyinnit
  • Ilmango
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • PewDiePie
  • CaptainSparklez
  • Sapnap
  • Fruitberries
  • Mr. Beast

These all are good for their skills. We cannot tell who is the best and who is not, as they all are famous on their own.


Technoblade is famous for his PvP skills and Bedwars streak. He is considered one of the best Bedwars players. He is also the best PvP player of the 1.8 version. Technoblade usually plays on the Hypixel server and can be seen active there.



Dream is famous for his speed run videos.

He keeps on breaking the record for the fastest speed runs.

He is also famous because of Manhunt which includes 1 hunter vs speedrunner and up to 5 hunters vs speedrunners.

He is also good at parkour and uses it for escaping the traps in manhunts. He also has his SMP known as Dream SMP, where a lot of other YouTubers can be seen playing.


Tommyinnit, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Dream are many times seen together with each other in many of the videos.

They are famous for story plays and usually Play using the mods in most of their videos.

They are also famous because of the challenges they do.






PewDiePie is one of the oldest Minecraft players. He is famous for his survival videos which include surviving in the hardcore world. He is also famous because of his survival play videos. He is also the biggest solo YouTuber in the world.



Mumbojumbo and Ilmango are on the top of the best Redstone Engineers. They are famous because of the Redstone builds they make.

They can be used to make survival very easy and can help make many things automated.



Mr Beast

Mr. Beast is also among the famous YouTubers. He is famous for his Giveaways videos and challenges in Minecraft. He organizes many events in Minecraft which include, Pvp, Squid games, Parkour, and much more.

Mr. Beast Gaming:

CaptainSparklez, and Fruitberries are famous for their parkour videos. They try different parkour maps and try to solve them in many of their videos.



My Thoughts On Who Is the Best Minecraft Player in the World

Minecraft is one of the most famous games in the world.and as you can see, many players are famous for their different skills. People are usually curious about who is the best Minecraft player in the world.

This simply cannot be defined as who is the best at Minecraft as it is not only about one thing. There are many different things in Minecraft to do, so it has to be broken down to make it easier.

Everyone is good on their own.

Some are good at PvP while some are good at Redstone. We can not say if someone is a good PvP player, so he is the best Minecrafter. Therefore, it is divided into different categories so we can define that who is better at what skill.

Who do you think?

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