Thinking of starting your own Minecraft server but unsure of whether to run it from your home PC or actually get dedicated hosting? In this short article we will look at:

  • What are the advantages of running a Minecraft server remotely vs a local home server,
  • Why running Minecraft on a separate host is better compared to running it on your pc hosts,
  • And, what are the benefits of using a remote host and what makes them better,

Minecraft multiplayer is a type of Minecraft where multiple players can play at the same time, it is usually called a Minecraft server.

Dedicated Vs Local Minecraft Servers

Any Minecraft server needs a host to run it and getting a dedicated host is always better in pretty much every single way than running it on your own home device. You can check out our reviews of Minecraft server hosting here, if you decide that this is the right route for you.

Why Are Hosts Required?

Hosts, like Apex Hosting and Hostinger, provide a platform for a Minecraft server to run, and they do it really well.

To run a server one of the basic things needed is what is called RAM, or Random Access Memory.
Similar to running your own device, RAM is what runs a server.

Server speed and TPS (ticks per second) or lag and smoothness are dependent on the RAM that your server has, so if you lack RAM, you mess up in these parts.

Hosts also provide a space (within the server) to store the Minecraft server files such as plugins or mods.

Some of the best hosts available for new server owners are:

Before we get into the benefits, let's a quick look at what are the limits when hosting from your home computer or device.

Disadvantages Of Hosting With Your Device

If you have a server with multiple players, as you have probably guessed already, it needs a lot of RAM. If you were to try to run that on your home device, there are going to be serious issues.

  1. A server hosted on your device cannot run 24/7 and it can affect the server badly,
  2. This can have a bad impact on your device and can slow it down until it just quits.
  3. If you are a new user it will be very difficult to manage your server on your device, because…
  4. Your device doesn’t provide a User Interface and you have to struggle to find files.

Top 11 Advantages Of Dedicated Minecraft Server hosting Vs Local

1 - Ensure You Have Enough RAM

Running a Minecraft server on remote hosts such as Hostinger, Apex Hosting, or Shockbyte provides you with free RAM.

  • This RAM does not affect your device and can be accessed and operated using any device to enter your game world.
  • Allocating RAM to the server for your gameplay also increases its speed of gameplay,
  • RAM helps run the server and connect the players. The more players you have on the server, the more ram is required.
  • RAM also minimizes or decreases the lag caused by multiple players playing at the same time.
choose the right amount of RAM for your minecraft server game play

Depending on the type of server, plugins, mods, and the number of players, these hosts give you multiple options to choose for RAM, you can learn how to pick the correct RAM for your server here.

2 - Storage Is Needed For Growth

Storage is so important for a server, and this space doesn’t come for free either. When you start to build your server, increase it with more players, add modpacks, and plugins, your storage space requirements are going to grow.

To store information/stats of the players, some space is always required for the server, so remember this, there are so many working parts to the server, and a good host provides you with free space so your server can run freely without any storage problem.

On your home computer, this isn’t going to work, but dedicated hosting has you covered, and can grow easily with you as your server hosting business grows.

3 - Don't Get Stopped By Players Limits

Most Minecraft server owners try to get as many players as they can in their servers. But when hosting using the PC host, a limited number of players can join at a time. This can affect the server growth badly.

But with these remote hosts, like Apex or Hostinger you can have any number of players at the same time playing on your server. It can vary from 2 to many thousands. This lets many people join at the same time and doesn’t affect the server quality, speed or game-playing.

4 - Access Via Remote Console

Having an online host for your server, rather than using your device for it can help you in many ways.
If you want to give the console access to someone to help with your server, you cannot do it with the server hosted on your device.

easy login to server via remote console

This is where having an online host can help you. You can share your host username and password with anyone, and they will have full access to your console.

Also, if you want to make some additions to the plugins, and you have hired someone, you can give them access to the console and they will be able to change it, which isn’t possible with your device-hosted server.

5 - Easy Setup For Non Techies

Setting up the server is a difficult task for those who are new to this, and that is where these remote servers come into play so well.

These hosts provide you with a free server.jar file. This .jar makes the server and also runs it.
But, this file is difficult to use for each separate server. It happens a lot on servers that can be modded, has only plugins, or are even completely vanilla.

select your server type easily with dedicated hosting

For new players, these files are difficult to find, and these remote hosting companies give you free access to all of them.

simple starting and stopping of servers

In your device-hosted servers, you have to make the Start.bat or Run.bat file to run the server and are not easy for new users, these hosts have easy panels and can start, stop, or restart servers with 1 click.

6 - Dedicated Ip Adress/Sub-domain

You might have seen that many of the servers such as Hypixel have their IP addresses like When starting a new server, you might have noticed that the IP of the server is something like 123.123.123:25565. This doesn’t look professional for public servers.

These hosts have a solution for this as well.

connecting a server address ip to domain name

These hosts provide the free subdomain for your server which is also known as the public IP Address of the server. This can be of your choice like abc.plays,, etc.

These hosts direct these sub-domains to the IP of the servers and players can write this in place of the IP address to join your server.

7 - No Need For Port Forwarding/Tunneling

When running a server on your Device host or your home IP, you need to port forward a server to make it available for other people that are not connected to your IP to play.

The IP address of the home or office is secure and no one having some other IP can connect the server hosted by your IP.

To make it available for others you need to port forward a server so others can connect, which can cause untold issues.

There are no such problems with online hosts.

They provide you with a free IP address that doesn’t need any type of port forwarding. So, these IPs are available worldwide and anyone can connect to them.

8 - Connect All Your Proxy server

Running multiple servers at the same time can be difficult with the same device. And when you have multiple servers running at the same time you have to link them with some server, so you can easily change the server while playing without needing to leave it.

Connect All Your Proxy server mine craft

These hosts also provide you the proxy services with which you can connect all servers to a single proxy and can use all servers with that single IP.

You can bridge all servers to a single proxy that can manage all servers and also provide you with more safety.

9 - Simple User Interface

While using your device to host a server, you have to find out all the folders and files to work on...

Which, especially if you don't know what you are doing is annoying and takes a lot of time.

But with using a remote dedicated host is not a problem, as you can see from the image here.

They have a separate managed UI which shows you a separate place for all folders such as:

  • Plugins,
  • Mods,
  • Server properties,
  • etc.
Simple User Interface inside mine craft dedicated hosting

10 - Free Modpacks

These hosts provide you the free modpacks for your server depending on your Minecraft Server Hosting package of choice. When you’re running Minecraft on your own server, you control what mods you want to run, and the best thing is you can test and implement new ones you like.

There is a great index of Modpacks you can check out if you want some ideas for what are available.

These hosts also provide you with easy-to-download free plugins. You can download the plugins available there with just one click and can use them. These hosts also provide you with the basic config of the plugins which make working easier.

11 - DDoS Protection From Attacks

Once you have your server up and running protecting it from the attacks is a must.

DDoS Protection From Attacks

These hosts provide you with free DDoS attack protection and make the server secure against hackers… Phew! They also provide you with free auto backups which you can use to roll back in case of any damage to the server.

Final Thoughts On Dedicated Vs Local Minecraft Servers

To run a Minecraft server there are multiple options but using the dedicated host (online hosting) is the best. It can have many benefits, not only in the running of your server but also for massive peace of mind.

  • Online hosted servers are easy to manage.
  • They are less laggy as they have RAM allocated for them.
  • They also provide you with free auto backups and DDoS protection which make the server more secure.
  • They also have an easy-to-use interface that can help beginners and make the work fast.
  • They also provide the subdomain which for the players to connect to your server.
  • They have the servers available in their database which you can use and do not need to find them.
  • You can also share the server host with others to work on with ease.

In short, dedicating a host for the server is better always! If you’re sick of slow gameplay and a lagging home server, try our top-rated Minecraft Hosting for Multiplayer to see how this brilliant host can give you smooth and easy gameplay, regardless of your player numbers.

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