Do you love playing Minecraft with your friends? Have you ever wished you could have a server all to yourself so that you can play with your buddies whenever you want without the hassle of online randoms?

benefits of minecraft server hosting

Perhaps you love the idea of creating your own server experience since you can't find one you like with other online servers you've tried. Maybe you even want to start up your own Minecraft server as a business or to grow your own online community.

If you've thought of any of these things at some point, then you're going to need to consider investing in your own Minecraft server hosting plan. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of using a Minecraft server host and what they can do for you.

#1 - You Can Control Who Accesses Your Server

One of the best benefits of using your own Minecraft server host is that you have complete control over who accesses your server. This means you can add and remove players as you please, giving yourself or your friends exclusive access to the game whenever you want.

Whether you want your server to be accessed by anyone from around the world or whitelisted so only certain players (such as your group of friends) can get on, you are the gatekeeper to your own world as a server owner.

You Can Control Who Accesses Your Server

I started running private servers for my friends where we’d just hang out and go on adventures. When I started running public servers, 99% of people were decent and playing for fun, but you’d always get a few trolls who’d turn up to grief.

Since it was my server, I’d go into the dashboard and block them instantly. It was that easy, and none of my players had to experience the trolls for more than a few minutes, and the grief was easily rollbacked, so no damage was done, and everyone stayed happy.

limit access to kids on your server

More recently, I’ve been running 18+ servers so adults can play and hang out casually without children.

I do this by running a whitelist server where people can apply to join the server by filling out a form.

This is all possible because you, the server owner, has control over who can and can’t access your server.

#2 - You Create the Minecraft Experience You Want

As before, using your own Minecraft server host means you can create the exact Minecraft experience you want. This includes everything from the game mode (survival or creative) to the world size and beyond.

If you're someone who loves tinkering with settings, then having your own server is a dream come true. With so much flexibility and control, you can create the perfect server for your needs every time.

Take a look at some of these server types for inspiration:

  • Vanilla
  • Modded
  • Faction
  • Challenge
  • Parkour
  • Hardcore PVP
  • Roleplay
  • Creative
  • Prison
  • Skyblock
  • Mini-games

There are so many different kinds of Minecraft experiences that you can create, and hosting your own server means you can make your dream server possible. Whether you’re hosting for friends or the public, as your server grows, you may want to adapt your server as you can.

playing hunger games minecraft

My 18+ server was a semi-vanilla server with a few plugins to make things run nicely...

But everyone decided they really liked the idea of playing Hunger Games against each other.

Within a week, we had built some arenas and installed a plugin that allowed everyone to type a code to TP to an arena, fight each other, and then return to wherever they were in the world whenever they wanted.

I’ve also run a Skyblock server, and when people got bored, we turned it into a Creative server and then into a roleplay server. It was basically a throwaway server where we could just make it whatever we wanted, depending on what we wanted to play.

The point is we always had full control and could always enjoy Minecraft; however, we wanted to enjoy it.

When you own your own server, you own your own world, and you can literally create every aspect of it.

adding plugins to your server easily is an advantage of hosting

If you want to use a plugin like WorldEdit, you can literally edit the physical world however you like, adding or removing natural features like mountains or oceans.

In my private server, we created a Mount Doom-styled mountain that players could visit as a natural spectacle and ended up being a highly contested area when war broke out.

With your own server, you can choose the seed, create a spawn area, load up pre-made towns for people to join, or let the naturally generated world stay as it first loaded in. You are in control.

#3 - Your Rules Apply and You're In Charge

As the owner of a Minecraft server, you’re also in charge of making and enforcing the rules. This means that if there's something you don't want players to do on your server, you have the power to stop it.

ban people from your Mine craft server when you want

Likewise, if you want to guide your server in a certain direction, it’s through the rule changes that you’ll make it possible.

For example, do you want a friendly server where people can hang out and work together to build towns, bases, and communities?

Then you’ll want to prevent people from stealing or griefing. On the other hand, if you want a hardcore experience that promotes fighting and tension, you’ll encourage stealing and PVP to take place. YOu can check out the best Minecraft PVP servers to get your groove on here.

When it comes to running your own Minecraft server, it’s not just about running the tech side of things but also nurturing your community of players. It’s all through the rules you set.

#4 - Your Server to Do As You Please

While I’ve spoken about doing as you please with your server, I also mean this from a directional standpoint. For example, if you want to create a private server for you and your friends to play on, you can do that. If you want a small public server for people to find and explore, you can do that.

set up your own minecraft server streaming channel

Recently, I helped set up a Minecraft server for a streamer friend of mine who plays games and reacts to content but wanted a server for the community members who played Minecraft to hang out on, which proved to be very popular.

If you want to run a Minecraft server as a way to grow a community and eventually make money from it, then having your own server hosting plan is essential to your success.

Having a server lets you take your Minecraft ventures in whatever direction you want.

#5 - You Have The Tech Backup

And finally, you have the tech backup... your game runs, well, and your players love it, without any hiccups. Your RAM is always there when you need it, your storage requirements are there as you grow and you don't get stopped by player limits.

If you are non-techy, the setup is a breeze, and the simple user interface makes the benefits of Minecraft Server hosting really come home. Throw in free modpacks and DDoS and you have a seriously strong Menicarft Hosting server that your players will love. Make sure you check out the full breakdown of our dedicated server vs local server advantages here.

Final Thoughts On Benefits Of Minecraft Server Hosting

As you can see, there are several great benefits to using your own Minecraft server host. Not only do you have complete control over who accesses your server, but you also get to create the experience you want and make the rules yourself.

Additionally, owning your own server means that it's truly yours - you can do whatever you please with it. If any of this sounds like something you're interested in, be sure to check out my guide to Minecraft server hosting plans and get started today!

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