One of the main things any server owner worries about is the server's storage space. When the server is made, most people select the common storage space, enough for the server to run. But with time, the storage requirement increases and can affect the gameplay and server so you need to look for Minecraft Unlimited Server Storage Space.

Most Minecraft server hosts come with a plan with limited storage space for the server, where the owner is bound to work within its limit and can not use any custom large-size files, such as World files or big mods.

This can cause the server owner to not execute their game plan the way they want.

Even if the server is made using self-hosting or local web hosting, a person has to allocate storage from his setup for the server. This can badly affect both the system and the server.

With less Storage/database space for the server, the server can not grow.

How Minecraft Server Space Is Used Up

Whenever a new person joins the server, their data is stored as a file (which needs some storage space), and with every new block discovered, the world file size also increases.

With more people joining the server, the required storage space for the server also increases. With the limited storage, when the storage gets filled, the overflown data can not be saved and can result in the data loss of the player’s stats and records.

This can also result in the deletion or failure of some vital server files.

Minecraft Unlimited Server Storage Spacecrash error because of limited storage

When the server’s storage gets filled and is not updated, the server starts getting many lag spikes as there is no space to store more progress.

This then results in the server crashing and automatically deleting some files to make it run smoothly. These files can sometimes be necessary for the server.

This can also result in players ragging and leaving the server as their data, affecting the progress reports. With less storage space, the plugins can also malfunction and not work correctly, which can have long-lasting results for the server.

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Unlimited Storage Space By Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

But Apex Minecraft Server Hosting is one of the best choices in this case. With the Minecraft Server Hosted by Apex Hosting, no matter what package the user chooses, they get unlimited storage space. This entire storage/database space lets the user work in whatever way they want on the server.

With unlimited storage space, any server owner can work on the updates and customization of the server without the fear of data losses and the lack of storage. This lets the user add whatever plugins or files they want to the server.

With free storage space, the server can grow faster than others, as more people can join the server and play without the fear of the server crashing or lags spiking due to less storage or data loss.

This feature of Apex Minecraft Server Hosting Lets users concentrate on the server and work on it with freedom without any fear of storage updates or the database space. This also lets the user use more files and customize the server.

minecraft server storage space filled error message

Apex Minecraft server Hosting also lets the user know what storage and RAM can be good for what number of users. It tells its user the required number of RAM with the number of players playing it and keeps its players updated with newer updates.

Why Is Apex Minecraft Hosting Better Than others!

Apex Hosting can be termed as the best hosting when it comes in terms of database/storage support. Mostly all of the hostings come up with limited space for their users. But this is not the case with apex hosting.

Once the server grows, it can take several GBs of RAM, increasing up to 100+GB of storage with 100 players. That makes many hosts not give unlimited storage space. But apex hosting provides you with storage with no limits.

Apex Minecraft Hosting also supports the MYSQL database which allows you to optimize things with more ease. With the bigger servers, keeping the record of all players is the issue as it needs a lot of space. But with apex hosting, you need not worry about this and can run it without any difficulties and fear of data losses. 

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