One of the main things to help your server grow is to give a name to that server. This name is the identity of the server that your players call the server with. Mostly when you buy a server, it comes with an IP in numbers such as, but it is far better to have a Minecraft custom server domain name instead.

These numbers are also known as the IP address of the server. This is the address any player uses to connect them to the server and lets anyone across the world connect to the server with this IP. Servers with custom IP numbers as their IP Addresses have lesser chances to grow.

  • As these numbers are difficult to remember,
  • and with such numbers, the server doesn’t have any identity with which other players can call it.
  • Therefore, a dedicated server name is a must for it to grow Eg: Hypixel, Herobrine, Kingscraft, etc.
How to use the Custom Domain Name Of Server

Why Are Custom Minecraft Server Names Important

Such names act as an identity for the server and let people remember them with their names instead of numbers.

Once you have a Name for your server, the next thing is to give your server an IP address linked to or the same as your server’s Name.

E.g., let your server’s name be ABC, then you can give it an IP address,,, etc.

Many hosting companies do not offer the services of dedicated IP address names. They present their users with the IP addresses or the hosting terms’ names.

Such names can not be called the dedicated name for the server. And with such hosting servers, you can not give your server a name you like.

This is not the same with Apex Minecraft Server Hosting Reviews. Apex Server Hosting offers you:

  1. A free IP Address that can be dedicated to your server’s dedicated name.
  2. With Apex Hosting, when making the server, you can give a Custom Dedicated IP Address to the server, the name you want.
How to get a Subdomain Name for your Apex Minecraft Server Hosting.

There aren’t many Minecraft server hosting companies that provide the custom domain name for the Minecraft server at the time of making, but the Apex Minecraft server does provide this service.

With Apex Minecraft server Hosting, you can also link any domain you have, yourself, potentially having purchased it from a domain name registrar like Namecheap.

If you want to make the server but already have some domain name, Apex Minecraft Server Hosting doesn’t force you to buy their domain but allows you to use your domain name.

You can link the already bought Custom domain to Apex Hosting this way, using our instructions in How To Get A Domain Name For Your Minecraft Server.

With Apex Minecraft Server Hosting, your server gets a domain name that makes it look professional and helps you advertise your server effectively and efficiently.

How To Buy Custom Dedicated Ip Address With Apex Minecraft Hosting

You can buy Custom Dedicated Domain for your Minecraft server by:

Firstly follow the steps to make the server described here: Basic Minecraft Server Setup

Once you have selected the package and the type of server you need, you will see the option for Subdomain.

Enter the name you want for the server and complete the rest of the process.

Your server will be ready, and once you have started the server, you can now use that IP Address to join your server.

Why Is Apex Minecraft Hosting Better Than others.

A domain name or custom IP address for your Minecraft server is required because it makes the server appear more professional and easier to remember. Custom Domain Named Minecraft servers are easier to recognize and have a greater reach than servers with a single IP address.

Apex Minecraft server Hosting provides you this opportunity to dedicate a custom name and get a Custom IP Address for your Minecraft server.

This is accomplished by purchasing the domain simultaneously as the server host on many websites. At the same time, hosts that do not provide you with a custom domain name can be linked with the custom name after you purchase the domain.

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