One of the most challenging things while making a server is actually setting up that server. For a person making a server for the first time, it can be really difficult for them to do.

It is also super time-consuming. But with Apex Minecraft Hosting basic server setup, it’s a one-click thing.

When making a new server:

  1. The user has to find the correct and working server type.
  2. Finding the latest version of the server is also not easy. Because sometimes, after installing the server, it is difficult to manage things and download the required files.

But it is not the problem with Apex Minecraft Hosting Users.

With Apex Minecraft Hosting, a person can download any Minecraft server with just one click. Apex Hosting provides hundreds of already built-in Minecraft servers to choose from.

These built-in servers can be fully downloaded within minutes with a single click. It offers many already built servers such as creative, factions, bedwars, survival, skyblock, etc.

Minecraft Hosting Basic Server Setup Panel

Once you have made a server yourself, you must find the required plugins that suit your server type, which is challenging. As many plugins available are not working, and a new user doesn’t know what plugins will be good with that server type.

With Apex Minecraft hosting, users do not need to struggle to find the plugins that suit your required server type. As with the Apex Minecraft Hosting, you get the server with all the plugins necessary when you choose a specific server type. You do not need to find the plugins for your server with Apex Hosting servers.

When making a server, you must look after many features of it. People new to servers do not know what RAM and Storage will be the best for the server. Apex Minecraft Hosting provides the user with a manual that tells what RAM and storage will be good for the required number of players.

How To Setup Built-In Server with Apex Minecraft Hosting

If You want to set up a server with Apex Minecraft hosting, you need to follow the following steps. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Open Apex Minecraft Hosting.
  • Choose the required package according to the server requirements and click on Order Now.
  • Now, Write the Panel Username you want.
How to choose a Panel Username for your Apex Hosting server

  • Enter the Subdomain you need for the server. If you have a custom Domain for the server, you can use it after making the server.
  • Now, click on the Server Version and choose any server you want from the options.
How to Choose the correct Server In Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

  • Once you have selected the server version, click on a location and choose the best place for your server. You can also test the server Ping, which will let you get the best server location.
  • You can choose more premium features for your server If you want.
  • Now click on Continue to complete your order.
  • If any discount promo is available, it will be applied to your order and discounted accordingly.
  • Now click on Checkout, and your server will be ready once you have paid the required fee.
Apex Minecraft Server Hosting Panel

Once you have bought the server, you will be given the panel ID and Password, which you can use to log in to the Apex Hosting Minecraft server panel. You will see that the required server is ready with the necessary plugins. You can Click on Start and have your server running.

Conclusion Minecraft Hosting Basic Server Setup

When making a new Minecraft server, Apex Minecraft Hosting is the best option for setting up the server. With the advanced features of Apex Minecraft Hosting, it has become straightforward to make a server with just a few clicks.

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