One of the things everyone having the server worries about is losing the server’s data. No matter what the size of data loss is, it always has a negative impact on the server. Many reasons can cause the data loss; similarly, ways can be opted to prevent the data loss, the best being a Minecraft automatic server backup.

Reasons For Server Data Loss

One of the main reasons for the data loss is the server crashing. The server can crash for many reasons, but it always harms the server whenever it happens.

The server mostly crashes when it reaches the maximum limits it can operate in. It also depends on what type of server hostings is used. When the server’s storage gets filled, it tries to store the data being processed in the server and could not find more free space, resulting in the server crash.

This can also happen because of the limited RAM. The Allocated RAM is the server’s limit, meaning it can not operate besides that RAM. But when multiple files and plugins are running and many players are playing the server, it will start lagging and crash due to no more RAM.

How to do a Minecraft Automatic Server Backup with apex hosting

These things mainly result in data loss for the server and can be prevented by using the upgraded packages of Apex Hosting, you can check out our full Apex Hosting Review here.

Another reason for the data loss can be a DDoS attack on your server. In a DDoS attack, some hackers use different IPs of players and bots and direct them into your server, which, when passed the Allocated RAM of your server, crashes and can result in data loss.

With the local Hosts or cheap unmanaged hostings, the hackers can easily hack into your server. They can access your server’s console and delete the important server files, which can have long-lasting results. They can also access your servers’ files and make changes to them, which can’t be undone. Such hackers ask for money to remove the errors from your file and return them.

These are the main reasons that can result in your server's permanent data loss.

Backing Up Server With Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

But with The Minecraft Automated Server Backup from Apex Hosting this is not the case. With Apex Hosting, your server gets secured by DDoS as they offer free-of-cost DDoS protection to all their servers.

This helps the server keep protected from any DDoS attack. With the 2-factor authentication of Apex Hostings’ panel, it is nearly impossible to hack your console account or get into your server.

Doing Automated Backup Of Server With Apex Minecraft Server hosting

Still, that doesn’t make your data safe, as your data can also be lost because of poor management.

The owner of any Minecraft server must keep an eye on the updates of the server, which include the number of players playing on average and the number of plugins running etc. This helps them upgrade the server’s features before it reaches the max limit and helps keep the data safe.

Sometimes the players do not pay attention to such things and lose their essential data. But this can also be prevented with Apex Minecraft server Hosting. With them, you can enable data backup. This will let your data back up, and you can use it to get it back in case of data loss.

Many hostings provide the backup data feature, but Apex Minecraft Hostings has presented its users with automated server data backups. You need to select the time after which all the data gets backed up and can easily be downloaded to your device to keep it safe. In case of any data loss, you can use this backup to get all the data back and keep your server secure.

Why Is Apex Minecraft Hosting Better Than Others?

Security is never the issue with the server hosted with apex hosting. They come with powerful DDOS protection that lets the players play without facing any difficulty.

They also have automated server backups every 24 hours, so your server remains safe even if attacked. You can also run these backups manually while making changes to back up in case of any errors. You can also download these backups to your PC, making it even safer and more protected.

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