Apex Hosting is one of the most popular Minecraft hosting providers on the market. They’ve been in business for over six years and host servers worldwide. With their team of experts, they provide top-notch customer support, server stability, and reliability at a low price point.

This Apex Hosting review will take an in-depth look into what they offer for Minecraft hosts with different needs, helping you to decide which one is the best Minecraft Server Hosting for you!

Our Verdict

Apex Hosting Star Rating 4.6 out of 5
We score Apex Hosting 4.6/5We would definitely recommend it for anyone looking
for a great Minecraft hosting provider with a wide
range of features and services!

+ 24/365 customer support
+ 99.9% server uptime
+ Unlimited file storage
+ Easy control panel
+ 9 geographic locations
+ Powerful DDOS protection

- No trial period
- Only offers Unmanaged packages
- No VPS server options
- Control panel can feel a little slow at times
- Not available in different languages

Before we jump into the review, let me explain the features of Apex Hosting and why they got such a high score…

A Guide to All Hosting Features

To get started, let’s take a detailed look at everything this hosting company has to offer its customers, ensuring that you can offer the best experience to your players. Here they are in no particular order.

1) Domain Names

They offer customers the ability to purchase their own domain name that is attached to all of their Minecraft servers. This helps players keep track of your server’s IP address and makes it easy for people to find you!

You can also choose whether or not you want a subdomain (ex: play.customer-website.com) or a root domain (ex: customer-website.com) for your server and whether you want to use an A record or CNAME DNS entry!

You can also use a custom domain that you’ve purchased from somewhere else, like GoDaddy.com, and can link this to your account. Both domain providers and Apex Hosting have the means to help you through this process as it can get a little confusing.

That means they provide you with all the tools to come up with custom IP addresses, just like this one.

benefits of custom domain name for ip address

2) User Interface

There is a very user-friendly control panel that makes it easy for host owners to manage everything. You can easily add/remove players, change your hosts settings, and more from the comfort of your own home!

apex's user interface is really ease to use

It’s this easy to manage players, whether or not you want to ban them, remove them from your server, give them mod privileges, and track when and where they’re signing in.

This is, by far, one of my favorite features as everything is really easy to understand and follow, and there are no complicated processes. Once you’ve spent an hour or two getting familiar with where everything is, it’s very easy to use. It can feel a little sluggish at times, even on a decent computer, but it’s certainly not the worst.

3) Database Support

Their hosting supports MySQL databases for each of your servers, allowing you to create a more customized experience. This is especially important when you need to keep track of many players’ items, run shops, and market networks, and even run an economy.

If you’re running multiple connected ones, such as using BungeeCord or Multiverse, this is essential.

What I love is how all hosting plans offer unlimited storage, so you never have to worry about space being an issue, no matter what kind of scale you’re working with, or what you plan on adding in the future.

Even if you have 100,000 players, each with their own economy account and millions of items, they can host it all with no issues.

4) Storage

Their hosting offers a wide variety of storage options to its customers, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect plan for their needs. This means it doesn’t matter what size server you have; whether you’re starting out or you’re upgrading your current plan, you never have to worry about hitting the limit when you need to add more content.

Getting Started on Apex Hosting

While we’re here, let’s explore what you need to know about getting started with Apex Hosting. Is it a different process if you’re a new user, or if you’re migrating from another host provider?

Well, not really. Using their hosting makes it all incredibly simple.

If you’re a new user, you’ll just set up your account and they will automatically turn your server on for the first time. This will create a new world file, including Nether and End worlds.

If you want control over the seed of your world and you have one you particularly want to use, you can simply update the main ‘Server Properties’ folder, delete your world folders, and then restart.

accessing server properties inside apexhosting is easy

  1. Head over to your server, making sure it’s turned off by pressing the Stop button,
  2. Then click Config Files > Server Settings to access this page.
  3. Then scroll down until you find the seed entry, update it.
locating your seed for MC

Then head over to your FTP settings and delete your world folders.

using apex's FTP is easy

Just check the boxes and click delete at the top.

apex user interface is user friendly

Now start the server again and away you go! Your new world is loaded!

But what happens if you’re migrating from another host provider? Well, it’s rather simple.

  1. Simply download all your files from your original server,
  2. Delete everything on your FTP Access,
  3. And upload all your original files in their place, using the upload button on the left-hand side of the FTP menu.

I highly recommend doing this without any of your plugins and only transferring your world folders, then installing your plugins separately, one at a time. This way, if you have any errors or version errors, you can easily identify the problem.

Since you have unlimited storage and easy upgrading, you never have to worry about your storage running out as your server grows.

5) Security

Out of the box, every hosting comes with powerful DDOS protection that will ensure your players can always play on your servers without any hiccups. This helps you avoid having your Minecraft host go offline at random times due to external attacks or resource usage!

What’s more, they run backups every 24 hours, and you can run them manually whenever you like. There’s enough room to store two backups at a time, and you can download them to your computer whenever you like, ensuring your data and your world are protected at all times.

Mine craft server backups every 24 hours

6) Customer Support

Apex Hosting is one of the only Minecraft hosting providers that offer 24/365 customer support. This means you can always get help when you need it, no matter what time of day or night, and believe me, this has saved me so many times.

From the YouTube video tutorials embedded throughout the control panel that explains how features work to the live chat and ticker support systems, if you’re experiencing any problems with your server or have any questions you want to be answered, you can run safely in the knowledge that the team has your back.

knowledge base is and user resources

As you can see, thumbnails to the YouTube support channel are linked here on the left-hand side of the control panel. These links update depending on which page of the control panel you’re on so you always have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information, depending on what task you’re trying to carry out.

In the bottom right, you can see the live chat and ticket support. If there’s a support agent online, you’ll be put in touch with them directly. Otherwise, you can leave a message in the chat and it will be put through to their email support team who aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

In my own experience, I usually have any issues or problems resolved within six hours of reaching out, usually under an hour. They know everything on the technical side of things and within the gameplay experience itself (minus custom plugins).

7) Ease of Use

Their hosting is straightforward to use, even for beginners! It was the first service I ever used, then I moved away to try another (there was a discounted plan), and then I moved back, and it was no hassle whatsoever.

From the moment you get started, you can easily set up your server within minutes using the one-click installer, and all the files you need (including an FTP client) are provided.
There’s even a walk-through wizard that takes the difficulty out of the setup process.

There’s a lot you can cover with setup. You can follow it through and stick with all the default, recommended settings, or you can customize every aspect to suit what you’re looking for. You can find it all in this official guide here.

Moreover, the FTP client is literally a drag-and-drop system into the folders you want, changing your server type from, say, Paper to Forge (or upgrading your client version) is nothing more than a click on a drop-down menu, and installing plugins is effortless since you just click on a list, find the one you want, and click install.

easily change server type with the click of a button

That’s it. Like above, you can just click on a plugin you want to install and it’s done, or you can upload and install your own using the FTP client. It’s that effortless.

Personally, I just use the built-in FTP feature that Apex offers from the dashboard, but understandably, this can be a little slow, especially when uploading multiple files. Instead, you can use an FTP client.

Filezilla is a free, open-sourced option that I highly recommend for being one of the best, and works fluidly with Apex’s FTP setup.

8) Speed and Player Experience

Their hosting is one of the fastest Minecraft hosting providers around, ensuring that your players never have to wait long for their game to load, nor will they have to deal with lag.

They use the latest hardware and technology to make sure you always get the best possible experience when playing on your server, and that includes having to play with a minimal amount of lag. The hardware they use differs slightly depending on what region you’re in, and you can find a full setup guide to the kit they use here.

Whenever you are in the world, you will average a max of around 100ms, but this obviously depends on your internet connection. You can, however, test your ping directly on the website to see which connection is best for you and your location, but the decent average is ideal for attracting players worldwide.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually see your ping from the dashboard, but the easiest way to find out is to Open a terminal or command prompt (you can do this with Windows+X too), then type “ping ServerIP”. For example: “ping play.apexmc.co”.

Copy and paste what’s in red and you’ll see your connection to the server.

Apex Review: Pros And Cons

ApexHosting is a great Minecraft hosting provider that offers a wide variety of features and services. Of course, it’s not perfect, no service is, but here are some of the pros and cons to using their service:


  • 24/365 customer support
  • Actually offers 99.9% uptime, so you never have to worry about your player’s not being able to get on
  • Unlimited file storage for your worlds, backups, and other files
  • Easy control panel with FTP access and plugin control
  • 9 geographic locations in the world in which to set your server up (plus region transfer options if you need to move)
  • Powerful DDOS protection included


  • No trial period is available before purchasing a plan
  • Only offers one package type (unmanaged) and doesn’t provide custom plans or configurations.
  • No VPS options
  • Control panel can feel a little slow at times
  • Not available in different languages

And for a lowdown on the overall experience that they have to offer;

Apex Hosting Pricing

What I love about this hosting service is just how flexible it is. As before, it doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or upgrading your existing, they offer a wide range of pricing options to its customers. As of Jan 2022, here are some of the plans currently available, that I recommend:

  • 2GB RAM – Basic Modpack Support – $7.49 per month (RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 5-10 Players)
  • 4GB RAM – Most Modpack Support – $14.99 per month (RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 10 Players)
  • 8GB RAM – All Modpack Support – $29.99 per month (RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 20 Players)
PlanStorageBandwidthPrice (Billed Monthly)Price (Billed Quarterly)
Recurring Price $9.99/mo
$6.74/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $8.99/mo
Recurring Price $14.99/mo
$9.99/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $13.32/mo
Recurring Price $19.99/mo
$13.48/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $17.98/mo
Recurring Price $24.99/mo
$16.98/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $22.64/mo
Recurring Price $29.99/mo
$20.23/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $26.97/mo
Recurring Price $39.99/mo
$26.97/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $35.96/mo
Recurring Price $49.99/mo
$33.71/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $44.95/mo
Recurring Price $79.99/mo
$53.94/mo for 3 months
Recurring Price $71.92/mo

As a rule of thumb, you want plus 4GB of RAM to cleanly function a server per ten players you have. If you have people with massive extensive builds, like a Redstone computer or a complicated mega-build, then you’re going to need more in order to handle the operating processes.

However, in addition to these, you’ll also find 3GB, 5GB, 6GB, 10GB, and Proxy server availability. Remember, all packages include 24-hour support, DDoS Protection, unlimited storage, plugin support, and so on.

apexhosting mine craft pricing plans

If you’re looking for something a little more intensive, then there’s even a 15GB Advanced option, with completely dedicated hosting features, available for $80 per month.

Apex Hosting Installation

As discussed before, their hosting is straightforward to install, even for beginners. You can easily set up your server within minutes using the one-click installer, and they provide all the files you need (including an FTP client) and will walk you through how to get started during setup.

The process is literally so easy, I can break it down into just four simple steps;

  1. First, choose the plan you want from the homepage, and input all your personal information, such as your name, email address, and billing information.
  2. Then pay and choose your payment plan, and clear your payment.
  3. Once your first payment is cleared, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and you’ll need to wait a few minutes for everything to be set up. This shouldn’t take longer than half an hour and will usually be finished in just five minutes.
  4. You’ll then be able to sign in to your Multicraft panel, load up your server for the first time, and away you go. You can begin customizing and creating whatever kind of experience you want.
login to apex hostign server

Apex Hosting Vs. Other Minecraft Hosting Platforms

Of course, this hosting service isn’t the only hosting provider out there, so it’s important to think about whether they are right for you. Here are some comparisons between Apex and some of the other top Minecraft server providers.

Apex Vs. Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular Minecraft hosting provider that offers various features and services. It is one of the most affordable hosting providers around but lacks some important features that are included with ApexHosting.

For example, the built-in FTP is amazingly simple to use, the level of support you get from the ticket system and YouTube video tutorials that are literally built into the multicraft panel ensure every problem or task is resolved quickly.

Apex Hosting also supports all manner of servers, including Mac access, iPhone and iPad access, and even Android, whereas Hostinger doesn’t. There’s no dedicated app for either, but the formatting and easy-to-use website design is.

That being said, Hostinger does offer VPS that allow for more powerful servers that are faster and more stable, but it’s more expensive.

Unless you’re running dedicated commercial servers or want a completely optimized experience (for elite servers), Apex will do just fine, especially if you’re on a lower budget.

hostinger vs apex

Apex Vs. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is another popular Minecraft hosting provider, but it’s significantly more geared towards newer servers that are just starting up, such as small groups of friends or the beginnings of an online community.

shockbyte vs apex

Shockbyte offers packages as small as 1GB RAM for a relatively low price, but that’s about it. Server-wise, the experiences are fairly indistinguishable, but I do feel like the customer service, and ease of use from Apex far outweigh what Shockbyte has to offer, but it does certainly come down to personal preference.

Why Choose Apex Hosting

On top of Apex Hosting being one of the most popular Minecraft hosting providers around, it’s one of my personal favorites. It’s been great from start to finish, and my players have absolutely adored the experience, which is why this review was so enjoyable to write.

There’s virtually no lag and the experience is smooth, and customizing has been so easy. I’ve run basic Vanilla servers all the way up to heavily modded ones with complicated mod packs and a ton of plugins for the economy, player stores, warps, and so much more, and they have held up every single time.

Apex Features

Biz Of Games Score

Easy of Use
5/5 (I’ve experienced maybe one hour of downtime in five years)
4/5 (Easy to upgrade, but only one dedicated option)
4/5 (Have only had to deal with hackers finding a private server once using hacked clients, and was easy to basically ban them directly from the control panel)
Total Rating
4.6 (This is one great server provider)

The player control is always simple (including timeouts and blocking), the ability to start small and then scale up depending on how many players you’ve got and how much power you need, and what experience you want to offer.

For me, I started small with my team of five mods and builders, and we built the spawn and set up the server and plugins on a 2GB plan, upgraded to a 4GB to start attracting players, and then grew up from there, upgrading every few months, and it was painless every time.

In terms of creating a community in the East, you can enjoy premium locations like Moscow, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, and Sydney, Australia, meaning you and your players will have access to some fantastic pings for a seamless experience that they’re bound to fall in love with in terms of playability.

In conclusion…our Overall Review

We score Apex Hosting 4.6/5 and we would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a great Minecraft hosting provider with a wide range of features and services!

Apex Hosting
Our #1 Recommendation

ApexHosting Reviews
Apex hosting star rating review

Excellent resources
Great plans to suit your needs
Tidy user interface
Unlimited storage and bandwidth


To finish off this guide, here are some of the need-to-know questions you may be asking yourself, ensuring you have everything you need to know when it comes to making the right decision for your next Minecraft provider.

Can I host Bedrock Servers on Apex Hosting?

Yes, their hosting does allow you to host both Bedrock and Java Minecraft, but the two are not connectable as standard. There are mods that allow you to do this, but this is a MC based concern, not something a hosting provider can do.

What is the difference between Cloud and Dedicated Server?

A dedicated host gives you full control over your Mine craft hosting environment, whereas with cloud hosting, you share resources with other customers. Dedicated ones tend to be faster and more reliable because the system does not need to consider performance or load balancing factors.

Cloud hosting is generally less expensive than dedicated hosting, though oftentimes, it can actually be cheaper depending on your specific needs! With cloud services you pay for just what you use, making it an excellent option for small businesses or those who are starting out with their first Mine craft host.

They mostly offers cloud solutions, but there are dedicated options available if you get in touch, but this will mainly be for larger commercial projects.

Can I upgrade my Apex Host plan if my needs change?

Yes! As before, you can always upgrade your hosting plan at any time to get access to more features and resources. Simply get in touch with the customer service team if you want a plan or update from the front page of your control panel.

Does Apex offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service, you weren’t ready, or they are just not for you, get in touch within a week, and you can effectively cancel and refund your contract.

Is there a limit to the number of players I can have on my server?

No, there is no limit to the number of players you can have. However, this is where you’ll need to think about how much RAM your host has. If you have a 2GB server with 100 players on simultaneously, you’re going to experience a ton of lag. However, there is no set cap, and you can set up your player limit to whatever you want.

Can I Install Plugins on Apex Hosting Servers?

Yes! You can install any plugins you like on your hosting. There’s a dedicated page where you can one-click install some of the most popular plugins.
We recommend using the CurseForge website to find and download the best Forge plugins for your needs, but it really depends on the host you’re running. If you want Spigot or Paper server plugins, then you’ll want to use the official website.
Bear in mind, if you use mods, like Forge mods, then players connecting to your host need to have the exact same mods installed on their side of the connection (even down to being the exact version number for each mod. However, if you use plugins, like Paper, Spigot, and Bukkit Minecraft servers do, then players can just log in and play, and won’t have to worry about downloading anything in order to join.

What is the Average Latency Time?

testing ping in apex hosting

The average latency time for Apex Hosting is around 100ms. This may vary depending on your location and the server you are connected to. Contact the support team or use the on-site ping tester for more information to see what your own connection would be like in your own area.

Can You Cancel Your Apex Hosting Account Any Time?

Yes, if you’re not happy with the service for any reason, you can cancel your hosting account at any time. Simply contact the customer support team, and they’ll help you out! You’ll have your monthly payment cancelled, and you’ll have until the end of your billing cycle while your server is still online, and then it will go offline and your files deleted.

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